George Soros – Saint or Sinner?

Who is this George Soros? Is he a person who, at a young age, learned to survive by his wit, and has continued to use the lessons he learned as a child on into adulthood, or is he a traitor to his adopted country and his religion?

Youth of George Soros

Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros Nazi, born a Jew, was forced to blend in with the people around him to not be noticed by the Nazis. He was successful at that as proved by the fact that he is still alive today at the age of 85. His father saved his family from annihilation by providing fake identities and documents for his family. According to The New Yorker Article titled Puppetry, Soros witnessed years of Communist dictatorship. At this early age, he escaped Budapest and traveled to England to attend the London School of Economics. He was not able to reunite with his parents until 1956. They had become refugees, and he had moved to New York to take a job on Wall Street. Let’s just summarize his life here:

1930 Born in Budahpest.

1944 Uses fake ID and documents to hide his Jewish heritage.

1947 He emigrated to England and attended the London School of Economics.

1952 Graduated from the London School of Economics.

1956 went to work on Wall Street

1984 Soros opened the first Open Society Office in Budahpest.

1979 – Present he donated $11 billion to philanthropic causes.

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Glenn Beck’s Ridiculous Misreading of George Soros Might Not Be As Inappropriate As Busting a 14-Year-Old’s Balls for How He Behaved During the Holocaust, But It Still Sets Back the Cause of Human Understanding


From 1979 he went on to earn many billions of dollars, so of course he is not without his critics.

Critic Glenn Beck was quoted as saying “Here’s a Jewish boy helping send the Jews to the death camps,” he said, referring to Soros, age thirteen according to The New Yorker. This would seem a bit harsh a criticism when we are talking about the LIFE of a 14 year old and his family.

He has been called a fascist, a communist, and anti-semetic, as well as conspiring to take over the world according to an article in The Nation.

The thing about George Soros is, he doesn’t give a damn according to this article in The Beast. That seems to be the way with successful people they continue doing those things that they do well, helping those that they can help, and the critics can go chase their own tails.

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Eric Pulier A Renowned Tech Savvy And An Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is the co-founder of ServiceMesh. Inc. He serves as the chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Pulier is also an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. Eric Pulier grew up in Teaneck, New Jersey, and begun computer programming at a tender age when he was in the fourth grade. When Pulier was in high he started his computer database company. In 1984 Pulier joined Harvard University and majored in English and American literature. While at Harvard he wrote and edited a column for The Harvard Crimson while also attending classes in MIT.

Pulier is renowned among leading and successful entrepreneurs in government and technology. Every company that Mr. Pulier has founded or co-founded has been financed by top venture capital groups in the world.

Among the companies that Pulier founded include, MediaPlatform, Enterprise Professional Services, virtual desktops and Service Oriented Infrastructure. Pulier was also listed among the top30 e-visionaries by VAR Business. He has publicly spoken many times at premier technology conference all over the world.

Pulier began his career in 1991 when he moved to Los Angeles and founded People Doing Things (PDT). The company specializes in health care education and other issues by using technology. In 1994, Pulier founded IDE and in 1998 the company merged with US Interactive LLC. while there he led the company to build Starbridge World, which is a private social network for children that are chronically ill. Sturbridge World gives the kids a platform to chat, blog, post content and also meet others that share similar experiences.

In 1997 Mr. Pulier was selected by the Presidential Inaugural Committee to create and execute the Presidential Technology Exhibition, which was in Washington D.C. the exhibition name was The Bridge to the 21st century. After the exhibition Pulier participated in the Vice-President Al Gore’s forum on health care and technology and advice on health care and technology initiatives. Pulier is also a participant and supporter of Clinton Global Initiative.

Puleir is also involved with charity and is a donor to several non-profit organizations. He also seats on the board of X-Prize Foundation, Painted Turtle, and other philanthropic groups.

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The Professional Achievement Award by Keith Mann Targets Young Innovative Entrepreneurs

The talented managing director of prestigious Dynamic Search Partners has launched a Professional Achievement Award popularly called Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship. This award will target a pool of young leaders who have goals of establishing successful entrepreneurial careers. The scholarship will be implemented through a collaboration of Keith and Keely Man and Uncommon Schools, which is a non-profit organization tasked with the duty of managing charters. The scholarship opportunity will be availed to one graduating student of high schools managed by Uncommon Schools and based in Brooklyn at the end of each academic year.

Joe Frick statements

According to Joe Frick who serves as the Uncommon Charter High School’s college counselor expressed his gratitude to Keith and Keely Mann for launching the generous scholarship program. The program will assist students to attain higher education and proceed to establish a successful professional career.

Steps of application

Applicants are supposed to write a detailed essay of 1,000 words explaining how acquiring a college degree will transform their professional goals into reality. Additionally, the students must have attained quality grades in their high school examination.

Mann is not only a staunch supporter of education causes, but also an active philanthropist. Holding a top position at the Dynamics Search Partners, he is dedicated to pinpointing influential leaders and matching them with firms to nurture their success.

Mann’s statements

Keith Mann confirmed that he would continue to support the goal of Uncommon Schools of helping needy students to graduate from college and utilize their degrees to succeed both professionally and economically. He termed the implementation of the scholarship as a huge stride towards supporting the mission.

About Dynamic Search Partners Co-founder and CEO

Mann co-founded Dynamic Search Partners a firm that focuses on alternative investments, equity markets, and hedge funds. Currently, Mann is the managing director of the prestigious firm. The company specializes in the provision of executive search services and addresses the unique staffing needs or wants of established equity firms. The company has offered exceptional services to over 2,000 clients since its inception in 2001. Under the leadership of talented Keith Mann, Dynamic Search Partners has expanded its operation to provide other investment services apart from staffing investment positions.

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Linda Owen Mentored By James Dondero Expands Highland Capital

A new addition has been made to James Dondero’s baby, Highland Capital Management (HCM), L.P., recently. Linda Owen has been brought on as the new Charitable Giving Manager for their Dallas Foundation philanthropic organization. Those in the know will remember Owen as the one time Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation President and all around civic leader in Dallas, Texas, who now devises the best strategies to guide a program of philanthropy at Highland.

Own will partner with The Dallas Foundation to direct the funds to appropriate charities. James Dondero stated that he felt it was time to employ a dedicated professional manager to leverage the most bang for each buck donated to the fullest. He expressed admiration for Owen’s shining history of building effective partnerships that make actual, tangible, and measurable positive impacts on the community. Highland is quite generous with their donations, totaling well over $3 million each year, dispersed through The Dallas Foundation.

Dondero started out at the helm of his own company, Highland Capital Management way back 23 years ago, in 1993. He had a co-founder named Mark Okada. After that came the dark Mondays through Fridays of the Savings and Loan scandal and market plummet; days nobody cares to remember, though lots of books are available revealing the unheralded demise of much of American business of the time.

He has grown HCM into the top-most alternative credit provider. Always watching with a weather eye, Dondero has expertly guided his ship into greater and greater waters. For several of his business innovations, Dondero has been awarded industry honors and many heavy investors. Chief of these innovations was CreditFlux, which was awarded Best CLO Fund in 2015. They also won the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014. Here is the original story.

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Top 5 Successful Entrepreneur Traits Learnt from John Goulet at Diversant Company

Many people long to be successful entrepreneurs, just like John Goulet. Turning into your boss and building your particular profession is exceptionally appealing. However, for you to be a successful entrepreneur, you must learn a few things. Below are top five successful entrepreneurs’ traits learned from John Goullet in his work at Diversant Company.

1. Passionate
John Goullet did not bother with people considering him responsible or driving him to be active and gainful. However, without a manager, various individuals cannot take their business past the arranging stages. Besides, when individuals do not have anyone to consider them responsible, they offer their best to the company.

2. Innovative
While making a business thought, entrepreneurs must be exceptionally imaginative. John proves to be innovative with the somewhat creative turn; new business people can take old thoughts or plans of action and upset them, making them attractive to potential customers or clients.

3. Instinctive
At Diversant, John Goullet made his way with his insight, imagination and instinct. His plans of action were always showing signs of change. Thus, the way contractors advertise and develop their business continually changes. The best business people see how quick current patterns change. All the more imperatively, in any case, they know how to stay aware of the progressions.

4. Definitive
By opening your own business, you may learn that there are various individuals that need to be organized. Just like John Goullet, as an entrepreneur, you should not permit yourself to be impacted by external forces, but you should be legitimate.

5. Solid willed
John Goullet began his business with a dream – a fantasy. He followed up on his fantasy by making short strides towards fulfilling his objectives. With each progression, John Goullet inspired nearer to accomplishing his ultimate goal or vision.

In case you think you have these five qualities, you may have the attitude of an entrepreneur. From Goullet’s work at Diversant, it is clear that everybody can take after his fantasies. If you are starting up a business for you or your loved ones, consider applying the above skills to ensure maximum prosperity in your venture.

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The Benefits of Choosing Bernardo Chua’s Products

Organo Gold is a company that was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua is an individual with a well respected name in the direct sales industry. As a Filipino, Mr. Chua knows what it is like to grow up in poverty, and has created his product for the purpose of offering an inexpensive and health-oriented product that is guaranteed to improve lives. Mr. Chua’s Organo Gold spread from the Philippines to the four corners of the world and has since then been consumed by millions around the world who have named this product their number one choice in coffee brands. Bernardo Chua is a proud Filipino whose company was even featured as the premier sponsor during the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao match that took place in the Summer of 2015.

The secret behind the success of Bernardo Chua is the use of a special ingredient known as Ganoderma. Organo Gold is a company that was specifically tailored to showcase this product that has cured countless ailments just upon consumption. Ganoderma has been used in healing remedies in Eastern culture for hundreds of years and has even been scientifically proven to offer countless health benefits. Some of these health benefit examples include weight loss, reduced stress, as well as an improved sleep cycle. All of this has been proven by scientists to be a result of the increase of the oxygen levels within the body. Health specialists highly recommend this product as it can save thousands of dollars in medical bills at low cost.

Bernardo Chua is proud of his team on Facebook, as they continue to demonstrate leadership, excellence, as well as integrity. Organo Gold has surpassed his wildest dreams and has become one of the largest coffee brands in the world. Organo Gold has even been found to be the world’s 55th largest direct sales company in the world. As Organo Gold continues to grow, Bernardo Chua continues to incorporate individual consumers with the selling process. Mr. Chua believes that this is the best way to attract more and more consumers as well as offer a new way to make money for people seeking a new job or extra cash.  Follow him on Twitter for further information.

Wikipedia Editor Abuse Hurts The Community


Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites on the internet today. To get featured on Wikipedia helps a lot in gaining better online presence for you and for your business or for whatever purpose you make on the internet. It makes you more credible and provides you with more opportunities to get viewed by many users.


Advantages of Having a Wikipedia page


  • Good online reputation


  • Direct advertisement with no expiration


  • A great number of views


  • High page ranking


However, it is not easy to make a new Wiki article. There are a lot of obstacles and hindrances before your desired Wikipedia page gets published for the public to see.


Bureaucracy in the Wikipedia Community


Wikipedia is an open source community managed by the so called volunteer editors. Unlike personal blogs which you can freely publish without any review, your Wikipedia article will have to go through these volunteer Wikipedia editors for reviews. Usually, these editors reject and sometimes criticize a contributor. There are also times that they even block a contributor or even another editor when disagreement takes place.


A similar instance happened, and the story was featured in an article published in Tech.Mic discussing Wikipedia site’s abuse problems. It talks about editor abuse in the site and the presence of bullying within the Wikipedia community. It only means one thing: it is not easy to get through the process of publishing your own article on Wikipedia.


How to get onto Wikipedia


If Wikipedia page creation is a headache for you, you can hire some Wikipedia writers that take the headache out of creating a page for yourself. GetYourWiki is a third party Wikipedia consultant service provider that offers professional consulting on creating, editing, and updating your Wikipedia page.


It is a company of Wikipedia publishers that offers experienced-based consultations on Wikipedia’s best practices. Aside from expert advice, the company provides monitoring service that ensures the content is not maliciously edited by other volunteer editors elsewhere. In addition, the company also offers Wikipedia revision and translation if you prefer to have another one in a different language.




Wikipedia is still a powerful tool to create a very good online presence and it will continue to be in the future. Problems such as editor abuse, bureaucracy, and disputes within the community are just normal. Nevertheless, there are still people who are in the business of going through all these obstacles towards Wikipedia edits on your behalf so you can avoid all such hassles.


QNET, SHARP Partner On Health And Wellness

Two leading organizations, Sharp, the multinational Japanese corporation, and QNET, the mega direct selling network, have aligned their incentives and capabilities to establish a new partnership for a co-branded Air Purifier. The latest Sharp QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier will be distributed via QNET’s e-commerce site. A QNET India spokesperson said this joint partnership will fully align and fundamentally improve an integrated customer experience that focuses on health and wellness.

According to Kishalay Ray, President, Sharp Systems India, QNET is recognized for their dedication, and leadership in health and wellness. With their innovation and successful marketing plans, it made sense to choose QNET as distribution partner for the SHARP QNET Air Purifier. QNET also has an established network of loyal satisfied customers, making the partnership a win-win deal.

The Need for Clean Air

Environmental pollutants and clean air is of great concern today, especially the issues with indoor air pollution. Over the past decade, respiratory conditions have greatly deteriorated, and people are seeking a safe living environment. Air purifiers can eliminate indoor air pollutants, offering obvious relief to respiratory sufferers, like asthma and allergy patients. Most people are simply unaware of their daily exposure to allergens, bacteria, and mold, and the affect it has on health. Even the EPA recognizes that indoor air is more polluted than outdoors, and in some cases from 5 to 100 times worst. It’s essential that people have more fresh air to breathe and eliminate indoor air pollutants. A Sharp QNET air purifier helps diminish those pollutants in enclosed spaces, and today our health depends on it.

Founded in 1998, and today, a massive international direct selling marketplace, QNET has secured a universal appeal: It helps buyers in any country, from different backgrounds, save money on their everyday purchases. This new Sharp-QNET partnership is further evidence of the solid foundation, reputation and future prospects for QNET. One could say it has even placed the company in a better position in the field of e-commerce, and this deal represents an ideal combination of online strategies.

QNET offers unlimited potential for those with an entrepreneurial spirit. With business prospects in more than 25 countries, and independent distributors said to be over 1 million, QNET looks to be one of the world’s leading providers of business opportunities through direct selling.

Got a reputation problem? Fix negative search results.


It is becoming standard business practice to retain a highly reputable reputation management firm. Surviving the troll assaults of the modern Internet information-overload age requires this new reflective focus. And in the old days, this was a fairly low-touch problem. Usually having a manager make a phone call was all that was ever required. Perhaps satisfaction required giving up some free product. These are not those simple days. Many modern companies find themselves in need of internet reputation repair.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) has become more science and less art. There is a lot more to it than simply remediating damage to a company’s or a person’s reputation. It now involves forming the mind share image of the organization in their customers’ minds. It is so easy for your customers to post anything they want to about your business on social media and other online web sites while it’s hard for you to fix negative search results. When any negative message is shared online, it can have a more damaging effect than many people seem to suspect.

A full 68 percent of most consumers trust online reviews. According to research, 86 percent of people who use the Internet for social media are affected by negative reviews of companies and individuals. Word of mouth can blow up your brand into a major force. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged digital sword. A few nasty comments can be quite damaging to your business leaving you screaming “Fix my online reputation!” This is most dominant in the statistics when the word of mouth is from family or very close friends.

Both Angie’s List and Yelp are quite popular online sites for this very reason. Increasingly, profits are based on the online buzz about your business’s performance. A number of companies have gone down into bankruptcy because of unwarranted online trolling. The Search Fixers are the firm you need whenever you need to fix bad reviews especially when these  3 critical elements are present:


  • Damage to the company is intended


  • Use of defamatory language


  • Lies about the particulars of the company

It might be a former employee who misbehaved that strikes back through anonymous false accusations against your company. It does not matter the cause, The Search Fixers reputation management consultants are able to help you gain a second chance with everyone anywhere in the world. With their assistance, you can even define your own image to be made viral via online media and connections. Their process is intense and repeatedly effective. Give them a call or visit their web site to discuss how they can help you gain global mind share or resolve some incidents of bad PR your firm is currently experiencing.