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Kenneth Goodgame works as the chief marketing officer and the vice president of True Value Hardware Company. He attended the University of Tennessee-Knoxville where he graduated with a degree in Finance and Marketing. The knowledge that Kenneth Goodgame gained in college has been helpful to him in his career. He has done well in the management of profit and loss. Goodgame has also transformed the True Value Company to a brand that is recognized globally. This tremendous transformation has been due to his vast experience in business, customer knowledge and client based philosophy. At the company, he successfully developed programs that had a long-term impact on the international market.

Kenneth Goodgame is a popular leader in operations management. He mostly specializes in the creation of multi million dollar original equipment manufacturer excellence for various organizations. Goodgame is known to combine innovative marketing with merchandising to achieve prudent financial oversight. Goodgame launched his career when he began working for Hardline D28 Product Merchant. At the company, he was responsible for purchases, pricing, assortment and line reviews. At a certain point in his career, he worked with John Deere where they were involved in negotiations and execution of various plans.

These projects included selling of tractors and mowers to consumers under the Scott Brand. He has also worked for the Husky and Workforce lines. While at Husky’s, he managed to improve the margin growth return on investment by more than 43 percent. As an expert in promotions, he sets up products and runs the promotions whose main aim is to draw attention to the products. He has previously worked in several businesses like the Newell Rubbermaid. In these companies, he implemented important strategies that ensured the companies grew rapidly.

His greatest achievement was when he came up with technology for the mop products which he patented. In retail stores, Goodgame places more importance on the end cap, which is crucial in sales. End caps are mostly what a customer will notice while walking along an aisle of a store. Goodgame is a multi talented person. Apart from being a leader in brand recognition, he is known to be quite creative. His exemplary leadership skills have allowed him to convert ideas to a solid vision. He is a team player, something that motivates his colleagues at work.

Jose Manuel Gonalez; Political Stabilizer and Businessman

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is a Ph.D. holder in Economics from the University of Columbia. His record in his entire profession is a blend between the private sector responsibilities and the central bank decision making as well as the academic positions in the advisory positions. He was appointed as the professor of the University of Columbia in 1988. Jose Manuel Gonzales also used that chance to teach courses in advanced public policies in economic analysis in Madrid as well as other research centers. He then became a professor at the IESE Business School.

From 1985 he was appointed as the economic advisor to the various private and public institutions that included the Bank of Spain, the EU, the World Bank group and the IMF. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzales is an agricultural business person. He is the former president of the FEDECAMARAS. He is the current serving deputy to the Guarico State National Assembly. Mr. Jose offers his experience for two quality and successive experiences from two different contemporary areas to the public service. They say that he is an active entrepreneur that was borrowed to check on politics.

Like the many sectors of the public, agriculture has topped sustaining the economy. The country has stopped producing enough core earners; agriculture is in a dark mess. The country has no enough foreign exchange to enable it to import this kind of commodities that are very essential. This is the type of economy that the few are yet to unveil to the country if they continue with this sort of business operation where no one has a say in what can be done of improved in the markets.

However, the national assembly has started understanding the situations that are in the agricultural sector. This has however been an unsuccessful management. A government pointed to its weakness but assumes not to hear anything. They keep arguing that the things that the agricultural sector do not depend on to them. This is a show of a coalition government that the people never chose. The productive outcome is always affected by insecurity. This is very evident in the agricultural states. Jose Argues.

Zika Spreads To Care Giver

Most people have heard of the Zika virus. It’s a virus that usually affects pregnant women and can lead to severe birth defects. It is often spread by mosquitoes. However, a patient in Utah recently died from the virus, and the person spread the virus to a caregiver. No one knows how the virus was spread as it’s usually done so through other forms of contact instead of simply touching someone while giving care.

Zika is a virus that is usually only spread sexually or if the person is bit by a mosquito carrying the disease. Since a caregiver was infected, it shows that doctors don’t know everything about the virus. They don’t know how it’s transmitted, and that’s what’s frightening. It could be spread from one person to another like the common cold. If this is the case, then the virus could end up spreading like wildfire, killing adults and children in a short time. The privacy of the patient who died and the health care worker are preventing a lot from being said about what happened.

However, if this turns into a national emergency as it could, then information needs to be released so that people know what to look for if they think that they are sick. A vaccine needs to be given as soon as possible to prevent this type of situation from taking place again.

Housing Demolition Continues in Detroit

A recent article published by The Detroit News announced that the city of Detroit razed 10,000 vacant buildings since Mayor Mike Duggan began his term in 2014. Mayor Duggan has been a vocal champion of the blight busting campaign in Detroit to improve the quality of life of all city residents.

Official estimates put the number at 40,000 vacant houses that are due for demolition throughout the city. Some of the benefits of the demolition process have been that structure fires have decreased by at least 25 percent and property values across the city have gone up. As a result of the many housing demolitions, housing renovations are starting to spring up and increase the overall property values in the city.

The average house demolition in Detroit now costs around $12,300, and Mayor Duggan said that the city is trying to keep the costs below $13,000 if at all possible. Funding has been provided by both the U.S. Treasury and the Michigan State Housing Development Authority. More funding increases for the citywide demolition projects are expected to come through for next year.

Requests for proposal for renovation projects in the demolished neighborhoods have already been released by the city, according to Arthur Jemison, Detroit’s director of housing and revitalization. Some of the projects for revitalization planned by the city include parks, orchards and green spaces on the 250 vacant lots in the Fitzgerald neighborhood. Housing renovations will account for the remaining 100 vacant lots available in that neighborhood so far.

Barnesville, Georgia Helps a Homeless Pre-Med Student

The small town of Barnesville, Georgia boasts a population of slightly over 6,500 people. Located about six miles west of I-75 and nearly midway between the cities of Macon and Atlanta, the community once served as a center of buggy manufacturing in rural Georgia. Today, it lies on the fringes of the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area and serves as the home of Gordon College, a small liberal arts college within Georgia’s state college system.

Recently, people in Barnesville received national media attention because of their generosity in assisting a homeless premed student. Local police discovered the young man, 19-year od Fred Barley, sleeping in a makeshift tent on the campus. He had borrowed his younger brother’s bicycle to travel some 50 miles from Conyers on the eastern edge of Atlanta to the college. He lacked any other means of transportation.

After discovering the young man camping at the college in order to register to attend a second semester, officers kindly put him up at their expense in a local hotel. As people in the area learned of Fred Barley’s plight and his determination to succeed, many of them offered assistance. The owner of a restaurant extended a job to him. Other residents of the small town launched an online campaign using social media and other sites to help raise funds for the college student. He received donations of some $184,000 to assist his educational goals. Fred Barley thanked the community for their support and promised to use the resources wisely.

Wichita, Kansas Sets an Example For Others to Follow

With many cities around the USA reeling from unpleasant confrontations between police and Black Lives Matter protesters, the residents of Wichita, Kansas in the Midwest set an example for many well-heeled urban areas to follow. In Wichita on Sunday night, police and demonstrators decided to chat with one another during a community picnic. The friendly event enhanced communications.

A crowd of nearly 1,000 showed up at the City’s McAdams Park. The lure of free food appealed to many people. Those in attendance included youngsters and senior citizens.

Both on-duty and off-duty law enforcement officers showed up for the event. Many businesses donated food, so everyone at the Park could munch on hamburgers and hot dogs as they discussed current issues of interest to the community.

Police Chief Gordon Ramsey told the gathering that treating people with respect and dignity starts at the local level. The “First Step Cookout” received generally favorable reviews.

Although a total of 400 people sent RSVPs to attend the gathering, estimates of twice as many in the crowd indicated a big turnout.

Wichita has recently set other precedents in law enforcement also. For instance, it ranks among the few urban areas which utilize police body cameras 100% of the time when police officers patrol local streets. The city expended several million dollars to embrace the new technology as a way of documenting law enforcement conduct more accurately. Some members of the public expressed appreciation for the interest on the part of officers in obtaining greater accountability.

How the Midas Legacy is Transforming Lives

Wealth management isn’t an easy task. Improper management however, leads to embezzlement of the little or the much one has. The Midas Legacy is here to change all this and help you write a better story for yourself. The Midas Legacy is a consulting firm, offering expert advice on all fields, be it financial, health, wealth, entrepreneurial, your happiness and the overall sense of self. It is geared towards making their clients experience success in whatever platform they choose.

The Midas Legacy has different types of clients, who in short can be identified as any person who needs advice on any aspect of life. This has seen, upcoming entrepreneurs visit their offices, people seeking early retirement, and want to venture in different businesses, investors who want to explore different avenues, people seeking natural medication, and ones in search of happiness and peace in life. All these people define Midas daily clientele.

Impact on people’s life
The Midas Legacy has an experienced team of experts on all fields and specializations. The experts give advice to the clients; hence positively impacting their lives if they follow their advice. The experts being successful in life, moreover motivates the clients to succeed as well or adhere to their advice. Some of the experts working in Midas include, bestselling authors, successful entrepreneurs e.g. Jim Samson natural medicine specialists e.g. Mark Edward among other specialists.

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Clients are exploring different financial avenues. A few years back, many people appreciated the stock as the major form of investment. The Midas Legacy has changed this perspective in people. It has changed their perspective, by opening their eyes wider; to explore the different avenues that they can invest in, and have better returns in the future. The Midas Legacy advise on how to evade adverse economic environments and ways of investing retirement’s funds.

The client’s health not lagging behind, the great team explores the different avenues of natural healing which most clients are opting for recently.

The firm forgets not their society, it has been seen making donations and supporting many charity organizations as a way of giving back to the society. Some of the organizations benefiting from this include; Give Hope Foundation; a non-profit making organization, devoted to help families battling cancer in Central Florida, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals among others.

You need not look further for a consultancy firm or have several for your different needs. Make an appointment with Midas Legacy and be part of your next journey to success.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: http://themidaslegacy.com/giving/

Cleveland Really Does Rock

Cleveland, OH, is getting some respect lately, being the home of the NBA champion Cavaliers and the site of the Republican National Convention. But with glory comes responsibility. The Cavaliers celebration parade left a mess in the streets, and the Republicans are on the way. Who’s going to tidy up the place?

To solve this problem, some members of the Cleveland running community asked others to come out and help clean up. After all, they’re out running around, anyway. A notice was posted on Facebook starting with:

“OK, Cleveland running community. Invite your friends and invite your peers! CALL TO ACTION. After yesterday’s CAVS parade, downtown is an absolute mess of trash and overloaded garbage cans.”

The runners were requested to meet at the West Side Market parking lot and then split into two groups, one cleaning up the Cavs parade route and the other working toward Quicken Loans Arena, where the convention will be held. The volunteers were asked to wear gloves and bring both trash bags and recycling bags. Once the bags were full, though, they could drop them along the streets. The city workers would also be out picking up, and they could take care of the bags.

It’s a civic-minded project, and every little bit helps. Cleveland is spending big bucks on the Republican convention; $50 million on security money.cnn.com and $9.5 million on insurance alone bigstory.ap.org.

Ordinary Clevelanders take pride in their city, too. After all, Cleveland rocks!

The Only Floating Post Office in the United States

Captain Sam Buchanan commands a very special tugboat. The 45-foot long “J.W. Westcott II” is also the only floating post office in the United States, and that post office has been operating in one form or another for over 140 years.

Buchanan, who is based in Detroit, cruises up and down the Detroit River delivering mail and packages to ships. The “J.W. Westcott,” which was built in 1949, is the main mailboat, and the “Joseph J. Hogan” serves as a back-up. The mailboats are the only boats in the US to have their own ZIP code: 48222.

The mailboat uses a “mail in a pail” method of delivering mail: It comes alongside a client, and the sailors onboard drop a rope over the side into the tugboat. Buchanan and his crew attach the rope to the delivery that is then hauled aboard the client ship. In addition to letters, Buchanan has delivered cigarettes, coffee, television sets and tooth paste. About ten years ago, he added pizza to the list. On one occasion, he delivered a goat that was being taken to a petting zoo.

In 1874, John Ward Westcott founded what would become the J.W. Westcott Company in a very humble fashion. He used his rowboat to deliver messages to ships traveling to and from Lake Huron and Lake Erie. He also provided “ship to shore” communications in which he passed along messages from various companies instructing their ships where to dock.

Over time, Westcott began delivering mail as well as messages. By the 1950s, the company delivered about a million pieces of mail every season. Since then, due to changes in both communication technology and the shipping industry, that number has been cut in half.

My Memories of the Fourth of July in D.C.

Seeing headlines that talked about this being President Obama’s last Fourth of July in the White House made me think about my time in D.C. during the summer and how much I miss it.

I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to volunteer at the White House’s annual Fourth of July celebration, and spend the day in D.C. The day I spent in Washington that day was almost unreal, and it is a collective memory I carry with me everywhere.

I had never seen so much red, white, and blue in my life. I thought the celebrations I had seen in my hometown of Aurora, Colorado were something to write home about (and they are), but the D.C. celebration was rightfully the most colorful and busy Fourth of July celebration I had ever been witness to.

It was nice to see President Obama spending time with staff and other officials. It felt surreal to eat picnic food and drinking tea on the White House lawn with my friends, and I felt like a king taking the subway home after spending a night listening to great music in the midst of a packed crowd and celebrating the holiday with my colleagues and the White House.

Seeing people march in the streets for the parade, watching the festivities in excitement, and experiencing a city as great and historic as D.C. on the Fourth of July was a memorable experience. I would highly recommend experiencing the holiday in D.C. next year.