Reasons Why The California Senate Race Is Not Interesting

California’s Senate race is not living up to voters’ expectations. The contest is a battle for the most coveted elective office in the state. The winning candidate is set to replace retiring Democrat Barbara Boxer. In the past, the state of California has had many memorable Senate face-offs. The most notable ones include the Dianne Feinstein-Mike Huffington and Jerry Brown-Pete Watson race. This year’s race to the Senate office is poised between Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez.


Harris is a former San Francisco district attorney. Sanchez is a two-decade Orange County congresswoman. Harris has been leading the race with an average of 13 percent points in every poll. The interesting fact is that both candidates are Democrats. A recent survey conducted among the state’s residents concluded that 42 percent of the Republicans would not bother to vote.


Harris and Sanchez held their general election debate last week at Cal State, Los Angeles. The debate was too regimented. The moderators were at fault for trying to cram in many questions. Therefore, the candidates had less time to reply to the issues raised. Many of the viewers were frustrated by the fact that the channel airing the debate was more concerned with keeping on schedule instead of drawing out substance from the candidates.


The debate was aired the same time as the San Francisco Giants wild-card playoff game. The unfortunate timing led to few people watching the debate. The contest was funny when Sanchez exhibited a hip hop “dab” move. The contest was boring because both candidates were boring. Sanchez is a nonconformist. Her counterpart is overly cautious. Both candidates had minor differences on policies because they are both Democrats. Another reason why the Senate debate did not sparkle is that the Presidential race is consuming all the political oxygen. Moreover, there are more serious propositions on the ballot that made the contest a shadow of what it should have been. One can conclude that the race for the California Senate office is dull because the national political parties are not interested. The winner will be a Democrat in the end.


Harlem Cycle: A New Spin On Harlem

In New York City’s Harlem, there is an exciting new spin (pun intended) happening in the traditional exercise world. As reported by the New York Times’ Tariro Mzezewa in her article (here), Harlem Cycle is a fitness organization that recently opened in NYC’s famous Harlem district. Harlem Cycle aims to combine the area’s musical and cultural history with spinning classes, as well as other fitness exercises. They are able to combine fitness and culture by playing music that is reminiscent of Harlem’s great musical influence. They even have named certain classes after famous areas of Harlem, like its popular class “Striver’s Row”.


As well as providing historical perspective on the are of Harlem, Harlem Cycle endeavors to provide a community atmosphere in its gym, located on Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard. Another unique aspect of Harlem Cycle its actually its lack of something which most gyms have in abundance: mirrors. The founder of Harlem Cycle, Tammeca Rochester, does not want the fitness center’s members to constantly focus on how they look, but rather focus on how they are feeling. This is a bold shift away from the conventional, nation-wide gyms which are usually overflowing with mirrors.


Harlem Cycle is also getting involved with the community by participating in events like Harlem Week. The studio also plans on hosting theatrical performances this month, which is well in line with its Harlem roots.


All in all, Harlem Cycle is a unique fitness center, which focuses not only on the fitness and well-being of its members, but also the history and culture of the community which it is situated in.

George Soros Returns To Campaigning For The Presidential Election

The landscape of the U.S. Presidential election has recently undergone a major change that has not been seen since the 2004 election when iconic hedge fund manager George Soros made a great splash with his political donating. Over the course of the 2004 election George Soros donated over $20 million to Democratic campaigns in a bid to defeat Republican President George W. Bush, but the failure of the election campaign prompted Soros to reduce his political giving during the 2008 and 2012 election campaigns.

In 2016, George Soros has returned to political giving in a way few expected with over $25 million provided to the campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on for her bid to become the first female President of the U.S. Aides close to the former First Lady have revealed Soros has privately admitted making a mistake in supporting President Barrack Obama during the 2008 Presidential nomination process; Soros was a prominent absentee from lists of donors during the 2012 reelection campaign of the President, and reportedly gave only $1 million to the campaign of President Obama.

George Soros has spent almost $25 million over the course of the 2016 Presidential election cycle with a number of donations made to Super PAC’s supporting the Democratic nominee for the Presidency. Understanding the election process is something George Soros has become an expert in through his work with the Democracy Alliance, which was established in 2005 to focus the work of left leaning political donors on specific areas of election campaigning; Soros has provided almost $5 million towards the Immigrant Voters Super PAC, which is dedicated to increasing the number of minority voters attending the polls who have traditionally supported Democratic candidates and policies.

The second coming of George Soros as a political donor comes at a time when the survivor of the Holocaust during World War II has also returned to active investing at the age of 85. A legend in the hedge fund industry, Soros made a major splash during the 2004 Presidential campaign when he provided around $27 million in funding in a bid to defeat incumbent President George W. Bush; many believe the work of Soros as a donor during the 2016 election campaign on Forbes shows the faith he has in Clinton after being provided with open door access to the Presidential candidate over future policy decisions.

Cone Marshall for Better Case Outcome

Having a reliable tax and Estate Law Firm can help you to get your incredibly valuable things established by a professional in this field. While no one likes to think about estate and tax law because this is something that you simply do not want to have to deal with out of your lifetime, this is sometimes an issue for a lot of people who are dealing with fraudulent estates or having issues with their taxes. This is why it is so important for you to consider using a quality Law Firm known as Cone Marshall which is one of the top in the New Zealand area.

One of the partners of the law firm is known as Karen Marshall and she has a large amount of experience when it comes to working in the law industry. In fact, she worked in London for 10 years prior to joining the law firm known as Cone Marshall. Also, it might be important for you to know that this amazing Law Firm that specializes in both tax and estate law has been established in 1999, which gives them the experience and time allowed so that you can feel confident you are using Professional Services of people who are truly experienced in this field.

In fact, in a recent news article, the Cone Marshall firm was named one of the leading law firms in New Zealand and internationally because of the fact that they work on a variety of different cases on a daily basis. This is a wonderful option for anyone who wants Professional Services at the touch of a button and knowing that they have individuals there who can help them every step of the way on their journey to getting their matters established.

Before you hire just any law firm out there, it might be a good idea for you to hire the law firm known as the Cone Marshall attorneys. Karen Marshall and her partner will be able to take you by the hand and lead you to more success from the case that you have pending whether this has to do with tax or estate law. These experts will be able to help you with any type of case that you have and can easily allow you to feel more confident in knowing the outcome is going to go your way and it’s not going to be a problem for you and your loved ones in the future.

Repopulating Oysters In Baltimore

The number of oysters in the Chesapeake Bay has significantly reduced over the past few years. Environmental groups and activists are trying to repopulate oysters by growing them. They have built an oyster garden at Baltimore’s polluted inner harbor as part of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation Baltimore Initiative.


Terry Cummings gathered more than 20 volunteers at the Downtown Sailing Center to help with the cultivating exercise. He had to explain to them about the development of baby oysters in their oyster shells before they began the activity. One oyster shell can hold up to 10 oyster babies. Cummings said that an oyster spat is tiny like a half of a coin.


The University of Maryland grew spats at Horn’s Point Laboratory in Cambridge. Pat Beall helped Cummings to take out the of oyster shells from the water. The two coordinators and the volunteers put the shells into steel confines. They tied the piers to the cages and then dropped them back in the water. The objective of the exercise was to let the cages stay in the water until the spring hoping that the spats would mature over that duration. The volunteers were required to come every month to clean the cages and ensure that the spats are getting sufficient food and water.


Dana Vik was one of the volunteers. She and her husband relocated to Baltimore 15 month ago. Vik said that she was surprised by the quality of the water and the trash situation at the harbor. She commented that Baltimore’s Inner Harbor was a complete mess. The biggest problem facing the harbor is the fecal bacteria that are released into the water from the gallons of untreated sewage. Camara Thomas, the Program Manager for Healthy Harbor Initiative, said that the oysters would be well despite the horrible conditions.


The long-term objective of the program was to deploy five million oysters on the reef over the next five years to help filter the water. Peyton Robertson said that if the oyster production were successful, then the oysters would repopulate at other areas of the estuary.


Keith Mann and DSP Encourage Uncommon School’s Students to be Leaders of Tomorrow

Keith Mann is an innovative entrepreneur and philanthropist in NYC who is committed to educating the next generation. He is the CEO and founder of Dynamic Search Partners, which is an executive search agency that focuses on hedge fund and private equity agencies. Keith has been leading this growing enterprise for over 15 years, and today he also has offices in Europe and Austrailia. DSP also has a reputation for having the largest database in the U.S.

In September of 2013, the Manns created an ongoing relationship with Uncommon Charter High Schools. Uncommon Schools began in Brooklyn, and Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners started assisting these low-income students by helping them with their resumes and other tactical and practical skills that would enable them when applying for college.

Keith Mann and DSP have also made monetary donations to this growing school system with contributions of $10,000, $20,000 and, in 2015, they began an annual $5,000 college scholarship fund.

More on Keith Mann:

Jason Halpern Carries On A Family Tradition

Real estate developer Jason Halpern’s love of the business pointed him in the direction of launching JMH Development in 2010.

Taking command of the family’s more than fifty years in the business Halpern, who grew up going to see New York construction sites accompanying his father, now carries on the family tradition with his son.


The Halpern family has constructed hundreds of residential apartments in Westchester County and New York City as well as in Florida. The focal point of the firm’s thinking centers on adaptive reuse projects and historic properties restorations.

At the present time, JMH Development is reported to have $500 million invested in New York state projects. The firm completed a major renovation of 184 Kent Avenue which brought about 340 residential rentals in Brooklyn as well as nine luxury townhouses in Brooklyn’s Cobble Hill district.


What’s more, JHM Development also worked on a 172 high end town homes community in Queens and repurposing the Brooklyn Heights Cinema to build luxury condominiums.

In September, 2016 JHM sold the Aloft South Beach in Miami for $105 million. The project was a redevelopment of the historic Motel Ankara. And according to the Department of Buildings, JHM Development recently filed plans for a 289-key hotel in Long Island City.


Halpern commented in a statement that showing consideration for the community where you build is an important value for him. He said he is captivated by expansions which have distinctive structural designs.

He also values charitable activities such as raising funds for the Westchester Medical Center’s Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center and building houses for Habitat for Humanity.


Following in his grandfather’s and father’s footsteps, Halpern is a devoted father to his son who also enjoys accompanying his father to work.

Jose Borghi, a Prominent Member of Brazil’s Advertising Elite

Jose Borghi founder of the Borghi Lowe agency, (now Mullen Lowe), is one of Brazil’s best when it comes to advertising. You might know his successful campaigns such as Sazon that featured the hit, “Is Love,” still a favorite tune on many lists and Mammals Parmalat where kids dressed up like stuffed animals and sang fun and memorable jingles.

As a young man, he wasn’t sure about which career path to pursue. However, after seeing a performance at the Castro Neves Theater, Jose Borghi knew he wanted to be in the entertainment industry in some way. He never dreamed that one day the advertising he produced would be featured at the Cannes Lions Festival and that he would become known as one of the most creative and talented members of the international advertising community.

Jose Borghi was born in Presidente Prudente and studied advertising at PUC Campinas. He started his professional career in 1989 with lower rung positions at Standart Ogilvy, DM9/DDB, FCB and Leo Burnett. He then opened his own agency with business partner Erh Ray.

The agency started with no backers, investors, banks or loans. They built it from the ground up with hard work, a solid media planning and creation service and a lot of coffee. In 2006, the agency merged with the Lowe agency becoming Borghi Lowe. This expanded its notoriety throughout both Brazilian and international markets. At this time, Jose Borghi began to share the head CEO position with Andre Gomes as Ray moved on to pursue other interests.

Jose Borghi is proud of the work he’s done and his career. He feels he’s able to survive and find success even if he experiences adversity. He says he knew no one would give him anything. Nothing would come by, “grace, luck or fate.” He says he understood that if he didn’t make an effort and go for what he wanted, he would just be another unsuccessful nobody. Therefore, his achievements aren’t remarkable or unexpected to him. He’s worked hard toward many goals in order to achieve what he has.

Even early on in his career, the companies he worked for trusted him with very important campaigns for corporations on Facebook and organizations such as Honda, The Down Syndrome Association, Delta Airlines, Unilever, Electrolux, Asia Motors, America Online, American Express and Fiat. His campaigns have earned him awards in Brazil and other countries as well.

These awards include 14 Lions Cannes Awards, 7 London Festival Awards, 10 One Show Awards and 10 Clio Advertising Awards. He was also named, “Advertiser of the Year,” in 2009.

The Median Income in Seattle Is Now $80,000

Seattle has been considered one of the best cities to live in for many years. This has been primarily due to the low unemployment rate, low crime rate and the beautiful surroundings of the city. Seattle’s reputation for being a great place to live is not going to be changing any time soon. This is due to the fact that Seattle’s median income made the biggest increase by far of any major city in the United States. The average household in that city earned slightly more than $80,000 in 2015. This is according to information that was compiled by the Census Bureau.


This $80,000 median income figure is stunning for several reasons. First of all, this figure is a $10,000 increase from the previous year. Also, it is $8,000 more than the next highest median increase for a major city in 2015. San Francisco’s median income went up by $2,000 during that same year. There has been much speculation about the reason for such a large rise in the city’s average income in only 12 months. Many people have pointed to the fact that companies that are based in Seattle like Amazon are now paying computer programmers as much as $120,000 for an annual salary. Needless to say, an abundance of new jobs with salaries in this range would definitely give a significant boost to Seattle’s median income.


One out of every five families in the Seattle area have an average income that exceeds $150,000. Seattle currently ranks third as far as overall median income is concerned. San Francisco and San Jose retained the top two positions on the list that they held in 2014. This is largely due to all of the people in both cities who are earning high salaries in the tech industry.


There seems to be no end in sight for Seattle median income increases. Starbucks is another company headquartered in Seattle that is constantly hiring people for positions that pay very high salaries. It is important to note that the cost of living in Seattle has also increased dramatically over the past several years as it has become a more desirable place to live.

Christopher Birch’s Take on Tech Fashion Trends

Christopher Birch is the The CEO and Founder of Burch Creative Capital and it is his philosophies, thought and experience that are behind the core value of the companies. He is never sigh of endorsing new companies and ideas and has an eye for innovation.
Under his guidance Burch Creative Capital has invested in numerous new ventures hand have seen the coming of age of more than 50 companies. It is perhaps best to listen when such a figure talks about technology and innovation. Also, Chris Burch has an added advantage of being with companies operating is different verticals including fashion. It is not surprising that he talks expertly about how fashion and technology can successfully marry to create winning products.
With technology advancing at breakneck pace, the fashion industry cannot be far behind in utilizing it for its benefit. A number of innovations have made things much more useful, intelligent and fashionable. Burch quotes numerous such examples in his article. Anouk Wipprecht, a designer from Holland who has a penchant for using technology in her innovation has invented a dress that can make dresses and another one that can paint itself.
While helmets are essential for bike riders, they are a nuisance at times and are certainly not an item we can call fashionable. However, a new innovative design has made it both fashionable and more useful. Instead of being wrapped around your head throughout your ride, it sits like a scarf around your neck and appears only when you suffers a sudden jerk, indicating an accident.
Similarly, it is extremely difficult for firefighters to communicate in the thick of action. A very useful technological innovation is gloves that can send messages by way of gestures.
We spend significant amount of energy when we walk or run. Also, as we are moving, we generate kinetic energy which can in principle be converted to other types of energy. Soledad Martin is trying to design shoes which can convert this energy into electrical energy, enough to charge mobile phones.
These are all examples of technology can help fashion. It isn’t all one-way traffic though. There have been instances where fashion has come to fashion’s rescue.
When Google Glass was launched, it failed to generate a lot of hype because for all the cutting edge technology, they were trying to sell nothing but a pair of glasses. Glasses, and especially very expensive tech heavy glasses, are not things you would expect to be in a rich person’s choice of party wear! To deal with issue, Google turned to the world of fashion. Diane Von Furstenberg made her models wear them in the ramp walk. The world took notice as she is a top designer and thus the fashion world gave an example of why it’s a fair partnership between tech and fashion.