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Nobody who understands the power of love will dare condemn a girl who sends crazy text messages to an ex-boyfriend she truly loves. However, there should be a limit to this display of emotions. Some ex-girlfriends take it to the extreme and begin churning out scary texts. I call them scary because that is what the truly are.


Fortunately, I had the privilege of reading through one of these crazy ex-girlfriends text messages to her former boyfriend. Check out some of the things I saw happen in these creepy true stories:

“You can block me”

“I won’t stop texting you”

“I hate you, ugly fucker”

“Stupid piece of shit, I hate you today too:”

“Your mom took a shit, and you came out”

“I hope you die alone, which you will”

“I wish u all the unhappiness in the world”

“I wish you failure, loneliness and death”

“I wish you failure, loneliness and death”

“I hope you are struck with a shitty job and marry a sorority mom who will cheat on you, wastes your money and shits a couple of stupid brats that will hate you”

“And I will keep going unless you block me, don’t worry, I have no shame”

“I am rich and pretty”

“I just seriously hope you didn’t inflect me with your precum”

“I will find out and keep you posted between insults”

“God, I fucking knew you were a weirdo;”

“I’m not sure if it is because you are poor or it is your IQ or just because you were born ugly”

“Tomorrow I’ll go fix my car for like a year of your salary”

“At least dad loves me”



Everybody deserves a brighter future. One of the most effective ways to get there is to invest wisely. Making smart investments takes skill as well as experience, and you will need some level of expert help if you want to secure a better future for you and your dependents. Whether you are looking to increase your investments or you are completely new to it, seeking the services of an established investment expert such as Martin Lustgarten can help you out.

The Role of Investment Banking

The primary function of an investment expert is to help underwrite your securities besides other ancillary services such as the facilitation of mergers and acquisitions, management of assets, institutional brokerage services and specialized investment advisory services. There are two major categories of investment banks, categorized size basis, tier 1 and tier 2 investment bankers. Smaller independent specialist investment banks and fund managers do not fall into either category.

The roles of investment banks fall into three categories namely front office, back office and middle office. Front office functions include income generating activities such as stock trading, sales, research, and structuring. Back office investment banking services comprise employee management, IT and other routine operations. Middle office services involve risk analysis; they evaluate the risk undertaken by the firm to determine if they are worth it.

Investment banks can also be categorized on the basis of buying or selling, though most players in the industries offer both buying and selling services to their clients. The buy side often deals with things such as pension funds, hedge funds, and mutual funds. The sell side, on the other hand, offers services such as trading shares for newly issued IPOs, placing new bond issues and helping their customers expedite transactions.

About Martin Lustgarten

Born in 1959, Martin Lustgarten hails from both Venezuela and Austria. He is the CEO and founder of Lustgarten Martin, an investment banking firm, based in Florida. He is a highly sought after investment banker having used his skills to amass massive wealth for himself and his family. His assets are distributed in different parts of the world. His unique abilities to watch and predict risks in stock markets have made him, and his investment company, gain recognition in the global investment banking scene.

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George Soros is kind of an anomaly among the very rich because he is best known for his leftist humanitarian views. He is known around the world for his philanthropic efforts, but he also makes campaign contributions in the United States. Soros spent $2 million in the recent election year to defeat sheriff Joe Arpaio. Arpaio has been criticized by some news outlets for running an extremely cruel prison system in Arizona. Soros’ contributions on businessinsider.com may not have been the only thing that stopped Arpaio. A Latino group that organized in Arizona helped to stop him from getting elected for a 7th term.

George Soros supports democratic values in a similar manner to billionaire Warren Buffett. Both made their fortunes by investing within the free market system. George’s contributions tend to push for specific agendas on subjects like racial equality. Donating money is no indication of success on the political landscape. George Soros also spent large amounts of money with the intent of encouraging Puerto Ricans to vote in Florida. Hillary Clinton ended up losing in Florida by a fairly wide margin. It is hard to tell whether or not Soros’ efforts had any effect without looking at the statistical data. It is clear that money can use ads to create incentives for voters, but it cannot force voters to change their minds. Jeb Bush’s recent political campaign on Forbes is also a good example of this. Jeb spent roughly 130 million donated dollars. He ended up with only three percent of the vote.

Soros may have simply needed to donate more to the Miami campaign. George Soros’ donation of $200,000 is relatively small in comparison to contributions that candidates like Jeb Bush have received. Success is never guaranteed for donors because the money still has to be managed by the recipient. The Miami campaign involved sending voting mailers to people in Puerto Rican communities. Soros was largely a donor to Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Snopes. His private work with left wing senators also tried to push the vote left in November. It may have been more lucrative for those campaigning for Clinton to canvas in the swing states that ended up getting Trump elected. There were a lot of complications during the recent election. The end result was low voter turnout. It may be difficult to suggest that campaign contributions could have helped swing those states in Hillary’s favor. The swing states that Trump took were largely won by relatively slim margins.

Soros donates to causes that he believes in. Politics make up a relatively small percentage of money that the Soros family donates. The vast majority of his family’s donations go to worldwide philanthropic efforts. Soros grew up in a society that was recovering from the holocaust. He has spent huge amounts of money on efforts to turn parts of Europe into democratic societies. Soros was successful on the stock market because of his judgement calls. His donation contributions are probably also calculated to benefit causes that he thinks will benefit the most people.

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Karl Heideck, Civil Litigator

Civil Litigator Karl Heideck

By definition, litigation is the legal procedure for resolving disputes. These disputes are classified as civil case proceedings with a litigator acting on behalf of their clients using initial discovery evidence to determine if there’s grounds to take the case further. When a civil case does proceed to trial, there are two parties. One identified as the plaintiff, initiates the legal action and the defendant, the party accused of wrongdoing in some form or capacity. In some cases “the state is the plaintiff, but the accused party is always referred to as, the “defendant.”

A litigator, such as Karl Heideck, is the official title given to an individual who is trained to legally rectify cases involving civil proceedings. Another name for litigator is: trial lawyer or trial attorney. So what kind of education is required to become a litigator? Well, first a person must undergo an extensive course of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree; preferably in English, Political Science or any other field closely associated, such as paralegal studies. Common specialization areas for litigators include: Employment and labor disputes, personal injury and medical malpractice claims, landlord and tenant disputes, environment and product liability claims, anti-trust and real estate lawsuits, and compliance risk management.

Karl Heideck is a litigator based in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania specializing in compliance risk management and commercial and civil litigation. He attended Swarthmore College, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature. He then went on to earn his Doctor of Law degree from Temple University Beasley School of Law. As a litigator, Karl Heideck (@karl_like_marx) is skilled in all phases of civil law. Additionally, he has experience and advanced skills in intellectual property lawsuits, legal research and writing, and corporate lawsuits and civil proceedings.

See: https://soundcloud.com/karl-heideck

Currently, Karl Heideck is a litigator with Pepper Hamilton LLP in Philadelphia. The fact that he attended Swarthmore College says a great deal about the type of individual who chooses to pursue a career in litigation. Swarthmore is located in Pennsylvania and it is known as being a very difficult school to gain acceptance to. In fact, the school is often referred to as having extremely “selective” criteria. Heideck gained an advantage over others in his career field right away with completion of his undergraduate studies. He is finding a way to stay active with his law school by maintaining a professional affiliation with the Temple Rome Alumni Association.

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