Equities First – Startups Benefiting from Alternative Lending

Equities First is an association that furnishes startups and individuals with lending solutions using stock as collateral. The product is highly effectual to borrowers who are not fit to apply for traditional loans. In light of present circumstances, many people and firms are benefiting most from the items offered by the organization. Borrowers who seek to get capital quickly are the perfect candidates, and notwithstanding high total assets individuals. Also, the people who cannot meet the requirements of credit based advances or other traditional loans can likewise reap maximum benefits by using Equities First services. This is on record that the association offers different loaning services, for example, equities loaning. Typical lending from investment houses & banks come with conditions that not everyone can meet. In fact, there is a lot of custom documents needed to meet the minimum loaning services offered by conventional lenders. Liquidity can be expensive; but that should not be the financial situation.

Within the last 15 years, Equities First has been a leader in offering stock loans whereby startups and potential individuals have become the most beneficiaries. The organization uses equities as certification for a specific duration which is generally three years. If a man has stock in an association and in the event that they have confidence of using stock to get working capital for their business, Equities First services is the way to go. Those shares will be used as protection and thereafter given back to borrowers when the loan is paid fully. The borrowers can also decide to keep their money without any obligation when their situation cannot allow them to pay back the cash. Any individual who needs money to extend their business or cater for their debt, need to think of Equities First alternative lending product. A similar case applies with individuals who basically require cash for individual reasons.

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Equities First Holdings – Matching Small Businesses with Financing Tailor-Made for Their Success

At Equities First Holdings, we take incredible pride in utilizing our profound industry experience and systematic aptitude to get financing for an assortment of small businesses over the range of credit circumstances. Made out of a team of certified, licensed and exceptionally experienced and prepared financial experts, Equities First Holdings will usually get a solution for your entire monetary needs. Not at all like a bank, or local loaning establishments, which just loan to the most reliable organizations, we have connections with a wide range of national moneylenders regularly empower us to discover the financing suiting your business. Equities First Holdings LinkedIn.

Equities First Holdings comprehends the significance of financing for an assortment of necessities: equipment acquisition, expansion, seasonal inventory, payroll requirements or unanticipated tax bills. We additionally work with an assortment of business kinds so we experience in financing early-stage companies, startups, established organizations seeking to expand or firms with less-than-stellar credits. Equities First Holdings offers affordable stock-based loans whereby it uses stock as security. Visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com/

Regardless of whether you have to get new equipment, raise working capital, fund your accounts receivable or you need to acquire an organization, Equities First Holdings can achieve it all. Furthermore, our consultative technique helps you to transverse through the procedure with least exertion and optimum outcomes. We realize that toward the day’s end, income is the basic challenge for small companies. We have established our business procedures to boost our clients’ capacity and to positively impact your cash flow. Equities First Holdings puts priority on speed to decision-making and efficiency of application so you get the working capital you require rapidly.

There is more to plan and think about when running your business. To assist your young business develop, consider getting customized guidance from Equities First Holdings financial consultants. No one enjoys passing up a major opportunity or paying excessive expenses. Securing stock-based loans will give you a three-year freedom in paying loan with small interests.

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A Look At How Patty Rocklage Has Helped A Lot Of People In Massachusetts

Patty Rocklage is a Marriage and Family Therapist who lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She has helped many families, couple, and individuals who are struggling through rough times and need a caring person who will listen to them and provide sound advice on how to cope. Rocklage’s patients have commented on how her warm and understanding style of communication has helped them work through the issues that they face and come out stronger in the end. She has been in practice for over 30 years since she graduated in 1981 with a degree in Psychotherapy from the University of Southern California.

In addition to helping people in her psychotherapy practice, Patty Rocklage has also helped people through her philanthropic work. One of the examples of this is when Patty and her husband, Scott, were honored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for a generous gift that they gave to the Chemistry Department. Dr. Scott Rocklage had earned a Ph.D. at MIT where he conducted research under the guidance of Richard R. Schrock who eventually earned a Nobel Prize in Chemistry. When Patty and her husband approached by a former head of the Chemistry Department, Sylvia Ceyer, to donate for needed upgrades of the labs the couple didn’t hesitate in opening up their checkbook and making a donation that resulted in both the nanotechnology and nanochemistry labs being completely renovated with the latest in cutting-edge technology. The pair were honored by the whole Chemistry Department and a plaque commemorating their charity was placed just outside of the labs.

Recently, outside of her work, Patty has been heavily involved in renovating the home that she and Scott share. She had identified numerous problems with the house that needed to be addressed by professionals due to their nature. She initially started to hire different contractors but then one day she walked into a local location called Sudbury Kitchen & Bath. There she met Ed Freedlender who could take over the entire project. The couple is very happy with their “new” house which has now been completely renovated from top to bottom.



Andrea McWilliams in Austin and Around Town

Andrea McWillims is an Austin, Texas resident of renown. She is a political fundraiser and a lobbyist who is not backward in getting her influence felt by many. The has a unique talent of using her abilities of microscopic attention to detail, along with her persuasive skill, patience and sheer grit to bring her project to the forefront.

Andrea McWillims was raised on Congress Avenue, just a stone’s throw away from the Texas State Capitol. Her current residence is in Old Enfield in a historic residence where she and her husband Dean live and raise their family of three children.

At the tender age of 21, she was already Chief of Staff with Public Strategies, Inc., where she developed her grassroots abilities in the public sector. Today she is the co-founder with her husband Dean of McWilliams Government Affairs, a full-scale government affairs consulting firm that has carved its reputation as being a reliable source which is trusted at all levels.

In 2012, McWilliams received the Austin Business Journal’s “Profiles in Power Award” as well as “The Woman of Distinction” award given by the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. The has also been given distinction from the Austin American Statesman as a member of the “Glossy 8 List.”

As a well-known philanthropist and a frequent volunteer in the community, she is named on a frequent basis to the Austin American Statesman Fortune 500 list. She has a lengthy list of charities and causes that she has chaired and given her time and talents in promotion and fundraising. Some of these include Preservation Austin, Austin Children in Crisis, the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer, Ballet Austin, Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital, Arthouse, Pease Park Conservatory and others.

McWilliams has also been the chair of The Ballet Fete, the largest charity event in Austin, and she was also the chair for The Marathon Kids Gala, among other leadership roles in the community.


Ricardo Tosto Discusses the Differences Between Being In-House Counsel and Working at a Law Firm

While in the past, most lawyers in Brazil were in private practice in a law firm, more and more attorneys work in legal departments of medium-sized and large corporations and other organizations. Most students undertake their internship at a law firm, and this has a number of advantages, including preparing students for the substantial workload in the profession click here.

Starting out in a law firm and then branching out into industry is not uncommon, as many lawyers crave a chance for growth and an opportunity to enhance their business skills. Large corporations usually have an in-house dispute resolution department and use law firms only for extremely complex cases. Many in-house lawyers serve as project managers for outside firms hired by company and advise managers and other staff on legal matters.

Oftentimes, working in-house requires greater business savvy than being an associate at a law firm. Many young lawyers opt to earn an MBA to supplement their legal knowledge with the business skills they need to succeed in the private sector. While formal coursework in business is a definite advantage, the daily grind is also an excellent teacher, especially when it comes to working with people. Working at a law firm requires you to understand lawyers, but a business environment often includes a wider cross-section of educational backgrounds.

Ricardo Tosto received his bachelor of laws degree from McKenzie Presbyterian Law School in Sao Paulo. After a stint as an in-house lawyer, he founded a firm that would become one of Sao Paulo’s legendary law firms, Ricardo Tosto & Associates.

In addition to Ricardo Tosto’s litigation and dispute resolution department Ricardo Tosto & Associates is also known for its expertise in labor and employment law. Follow His twitter, Aside from his practice, Ricardo Tosto is dedicated to giving back to his community and makes pro bono services a priority.

Overview Of UKV PLC Wines Wine Program

Wine is one of the most commonly consumed alcoholic beverages in the world. Wine is consumed by people who either have a casual interest in social settings to those that are experts on wine. Unlike any other type of alcohol, wine is also often considered an investment opportunity as bottles of wine can actually increase in value over time. Millions of people across the globe are members of various wine clubs that provide samples of wine from around the world.

One of the most popular and growing wine clubs in the world is UKV PLC Wines, which is based out of the United Kingdom. UKV PLC Wines is a unique wine club that specializes in providing wines to collectors and investors. The company has one of the largest collection of luxury and fine wines in the world.

Members of the wine program can choose from a variety of different club levels. The base option allows for members to receive random bottles of wine several times per year. Prior to starting any club package, a member will be able to fill out a profile that will depict the type of ones they like to drink and collect. The wine club will then send lines that need the profile needs.

Those that are looking for specific bottles of wine can also use the wine club services. The wine club has the ability to act as a broker for the purchase of specialty bottles of wine. In many cases, they will have far more success than the average consumer when it comes to tracking down a specific bottle. This can help someone to find a very important and final piece to a collection.

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Desiree Perez is Significant in Development of Tidal

Many people in the social world know Desiree as someone who is a strong negotiator. That is why she has been good in business, and many individuals who have worked with her have become successful in their business. Many people have sought her services because of her hard work and dedication. A good example is Jay-Z who owns a company called Tidal. Desiree has worked with Sean Carter for years, and through all those years they have had a good working relationship.




Desiree has characteristics of an entrepreneur and knows all it takes for a business to thrive. It is the reason why Tidal is now doing well and competing against other giants in the music streaming business such as Sony and Spotify. Her reputation comes from the many years of experience working in leadership positions and managing activities. She owns a company and therefore has excellent managerial skills. She has also collaborated with other top artists such as Rihanna, helping them in negotiation for deals. Desiree is also reputable for the success of Beyoncé’s album, Lemonade. With that reputation, Jay-Z knew that the tough lady would take the company to places.


Good Working Relationship


Desiree has been working with Jay-Z for many years, and because of her hard work, Jay-Z has achieved a lot of things in the business world. Juan Perez marries her, and together they run another company owned by Jay-Z called Roc Nation Sports. That good working relationship is what has enabled her and the hip-hop star to achieve great things. Now the competitors such as Apple Music and iTunes have to work hard if they are to remain at the top.


Quality Services


However, for a music company such as Tidal, it is important to maintain the quality of services so that you can compete with others in the business. Jay-Z decided to offer enough pay to the musicians who are signed to Tidal and at the same time providing quality music. Fans are attracted to some of the top albums in the music industry such as Life of Pablo by Kanye West.


“Zombie Houses” Go On the Market

Portland, OR has long been known for keeping things weird. History has shown that sentiment to even be adopted as an unofficial motto for the city, with eccentricity seemingly becoming the lifeblood that keeps the bustling metropolis ticking. In April, a set of unique houses with even more unique names will go up for auction. These houses, long neglected by society and left barren by the gentrification of North East Portland, are dwellings that can be purchased with the settlement of the liens that have inevitably been put on them. These dwellings are called “zombie houses”, and they are about to rise again.


Despite the entertaining label, zombie houses are far from the thrill ride that TV and movies would have one believe. The reality is far more depressing, far more likely to suck the soul out of a formerly optimistic individual. These zombie homes are simply unmanned ships, without owners and without anyone to perform even the most basic of upkeep. When left unoccupied for a long enough time, these shells of former homes can turn into hotbeds of crime and delinquency. Neighborhoods that contain such houses frequently clock in complaint after complaint to the Portland Police, creating a reputation that precedes the neighborhood in a decidedly negative way.


This auction is the first step to eliminating the presence of ghost houses altogether. While this is widely recognized as a risky and momentous task, the City of Portland remains confident that a continued run of seizures and auctions will ensure that every house goes to a competent home-buyer. To the highest bidder will go the spoils of a cheap house in a comfy, North East neighborhood. Bidding is expected to be a heated and rapid-fire affair, so wits are necessary.


The Milk’s Gone Bad In Honolulu

When one thinks about Hawaii, specifically Honolulu, HI, one would feel entitled to assume that anything edible would burst with vibrant, home-grown flavors. These lush taste sensations depict freshness, a quality that local dairy producer Meadow Gold boasts with abandon. Unfortunately, it would seem that not all is well in the land of milk and honey-flavored juice products. In a move that shocked and worried dairy enthusiasts across the island chain, Meadow Gold Dairy was ordered to stop producing 2% reduced fat milk by the DOH amid claims that Coliform bacteria had shown up in sample levels that far exceeded the acceptable percentages.


Coliform bacteria is used as a measuring stick for levels of sanitation in food and beverages. This hardy bacteria is commonly found thriving and swarming in the feces of mammals and other warm-blooded animals. Excessive presence of this bacteria means an immediate threat to the quality of food presented, and the exceedingly high levels found in Meadow Gold’s 2& reduced fat milk came as a shock to many longtime customers. Meadow Gold’s program manager Peter Oshiro wanted to make it excessively clear that this was not a public health issue, simply a quality control issue. According to Oshiro, there would be no product recall of any kind.


What does this mean for the future of Meadow Gold’s fine line of dairy products? If the management is to be believed, there is only the mildest of immediate cause for concern and virtually no cause for long-term concern. The fact that there will be no recall is a reassuring fact, but residents should still be on high alert when consuming the Meadow Gold products in question. Only time will tell whether or not this issue is worth a full recall of related products.


Mayor Under Fire in Fresno

The bustling urban metropolis of Fresno, CA, became the scene of controversy and protest on February 14th. Lee Brand, the occasionally-maligned mayor of Fresno, simply intended to host the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and give a speech to a rapidly gathering crowd of businessmen. Instead, he found himself face to face with an extremely vocal crowd of protesters. Voices rang throughout the streets of downtown Fresno in protest of Brand, and his recent quote to the local news that Fresno was not a “sanctuary city” by any stretch of the imagination.


Shannon Kurtz is the name of the incensed citizen that organized the Tuesday protest with vindictive glee. Shouting traditional protester chants through a megaphone, Kurtz led a tight-knight, tenacious group of protesters in their extremely vocal effort to force the mayor to reassess his stance on immigration. The gathered businessmen, some of whom were due to be sworn in to the Chamber of Commerce that day, were forced to endure the valiant chanting of the assembled protest group, which lasted throughout the entire duration of the meeting.


Though the group eventually dispersed peacefully, Mayor Brand felt the eventual, eminent need to rebut his tenacious detractors. Speaking frankly to the assembly of somewhat distracted business figures, Brand attempted to further elaborate on the fateful statement that he gave to the Fresno Bee. Likening himself to “the captain of The Titanic”, struggling in vain to navigate between two particularly nasty, jagged blocks of ice, Brand clarified by stating that he was simply denying Fresno’s official label as a “sanctuary city”. Brand’s supposed aim, it seemed, was to avoid losing federal funding while reminding the citizens that the city of Fresno is not under obligation to follow federal immigration rulings should they displease citizenry.