Opening in 2006, Success Academy is a network of charter schools, devoted to preparing New York students for success in higher education and in life. It is a school that is similar to other “no excuses” charter schools. The students are called scholars and they must wear uniforms each day. Though Success Academy is different in the focus of it’s content and how it is taught.


Success Academy is a very hands on learning environment. They feel that at the core of learning is doing. With the more hands on approach scholars receive 80 minutes of instruction where the teacher is in front of the room per day. The rest of the day is spent divided into small groups getting more personalized instruction while doing a project that allows the scholars to get hands on with the material. They believe that every child has unlimited potential inside them to succeed, they just need the proper environment to grow and learn.


Parents are expected to be very hands on with their child’s learning. They are allowed to come in and observe their child’s class. Teachers stay in direct involvement with parents, providing continuous updates for the scholar’s progress. Parents are expected to make sure that their child’s homework is finished each night, as well as to read a book a night with their child. Parents are also expected to attend school events designed to showcase the success of their scholar. Success Academy knows that the home is a huge influence over how a child is going to do in school, and an environment that values education will help a scholar to achieve even more. The school also encourages parents to get involved with the school, being classroom helpers as well as being on the Parent Council and working with the community outreach programs.

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Orthopedic surgery involves the treatment of issues regarding musculoskeletal body structure. Based on volume, the most common orthopedic procedures carried out in hospitals include;


Total Joint Replacement

This process gets performed on patients requiring a change of joints. Usually, it helps to increase the range of motion. The joints requiring this operation gets damaged as a result of several factors. However, most patients requiring this procedure, previously, have had severe arthritis. During the process, damaged joints get replaced with metal or plastic surfaces. These surfaces increase the range of motion and reduce pain during activities.


Total Shoulder Replacement

The shoulder is the most used joint in the body. The bone/joint structure in the shoulder gets damaged as a result of sporting activities, accidents, and diseases among others. The procedure sounds painful, but its primary purpose is to eliminate pain around the shoulder joints. It also helps increase the range of motion. The damaged bone and cartilage structure get replaced with a metal or plastic implant.

Spine Surgery

The spine holds the entire body structure in place. A defect in the structural credibility leads to poor posture, pain or even paralysis. One of the main issues that require spine surgery is increasing back pain that impairs the day-to-day activities. The most common type of back surgery is Spinal Fusion. The vertebrae get joined hence reducing the stretching of nerves and consequently, reduces pain.


Greg Finch is among the best orthopedic surgeons. Currently, he practices at Sunshine Coast Hospital in the spine department. Greg Finch has training in all aspects of spinal surgery. However, he specializes in minimally invasive spine surgery, adult deformities, and spine surgery involving disc replacement. According to reviews, Greg Finch is a knowledgeable individual, easy to talk with, and experienced in matters relating to the spine.


Greg Finch graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of medicine and surgery. Later, he attended Royal Australian College of Surgeons. After gaining FRACS, Greg Finch spent two years working under the supervision of world leaders in spine surgery all over the world. Today, Finch lists among the top orthopedic surgeons across the globe.


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Andrew Rocklage graduated from Suffolk University Law School and the Isenberg School of Management. It was obvious from the beginning that Andrew has a knack for business and seeking new and innovative business opportunities. At the beginning of his career Andrew Rocklage was an intern for Cubist Pharmaceuticals. Branching out from internship to full on employment, he became legal council for Cubist Pharmaceuticals. This started his career in the legal counseling world, but Andrew also spearheaded himself toward bigger and better things from becoming legal council to EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals, then corporate council, and now being the owner and operator of the popular indoor trampoline chain Sky Zone Trampoline park.

It’s easy to ascertain from his history that Andrew Rocklage is a go-getter. Starting your own business is a heavy risk, and without the right skills, money, and management things can go south really fast. Sky Zone Trampoline Park was the first official indoor trampoline park in Massachusetts, and has been wildly successful in other states as well. Andrew looked for a business niche and filled it with an innovative idea that has a growing popularity all over the country and in a few neighboring countries. To say that it’s genius would be an understatement; his business skills are astounding and should be spoken about at seminars. The Sky Zone Trampoline Park features hours of family fun mixed with the daily exercise a lot of modern adults lack due to a busy schedule. It’s an easy and fun way for people to connect with their families. About a thousand guests visit the main campus of Sky Zone a day. With that much foot traffic it’s obvious that the business and it’s surrounding management have been thorough with ensuring people have fun while maintaining a safe and encouraging environment.

Andrew Rocklage is still on the up and coming when it comes to wildly known business moguls, but with the advancement of his Sky Zone business and it’s popularity, Andrew will be notable and seen as a person of great business knowledge to be referenced in the beginnings of new business ideas and innovations.


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Scott Rocklage is a healthcare professional with over 30 decades of healthcare experience. He joined 5AM Ventures back in the year 2003, where he held the position of Venture Partner and later became the Managing Partner in the year 2004. Scott’s healthcare and leadership exposure assisted him in being selected for various clinical trials. Before joining 5AM Ventures, Scott was the Chief Executive Officer and President of Nycomed Salutar. Also, Rocklage served as Ilypsa’s Executive Chairperson among other major companies. Currently, Scott serves as the chairperson of Kinestral, Cidara, and Rennovia. Scott acquired his science undergraduate in Chemistry and his doctorate in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He later conducted his doctorate research in Richard R. Schrock laboratory. Dr. Rocklage is a proud inventor of over 100 peer studied publications and over 30 U.S patents. Mr. Scott is currently based in Boston, MA.


Scott says that his days are just unique. There are days where he spends working with the company’s managerial team while others, he will spend studying new areas in his healthcare field. Also, there are times when he spends time preparing and later attending Board meetings. Scotts works with all cadre of entrepreneurs who include physicians, scientists, and business executives. While Scott is working with entrepreneurs, he helps them in shaping their concepts into prospective medicines that will meet various unmet medical needs. One of the best trends that excites Scott is the ability to aim certain genotypes that treat cancer in unique ways. The trend is helping in prolonging and also saving the lives of numerous cancer patients. The arts of prioritization, ample time management, and calendaring are some of the key aspects that make Scott Rocklage a productive entrepreneur.


Scott states that staying close to your strengths and remain true to your business are some of the things that have helped him grow his business empire. Staying close to your strength will help you especially in challenging times. One of the most evident causes of his entrepreneurial challenges is the management issue. Scott Rocklage advises people that once you recruit a wrong manager, your goals, business structure, and performance reviews will never change the person. Hence, a wrong recruit will jeopardize your business. Once you discover you have the wrong employees on board, replace them as fast as possible to save your business.