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Women’s empowerment has become a primary topic of discussion in schools and the society. Women’s economic empowerment is the ability to promote women’s rights and control over resources like assets and income. With women’s empowerment, the community is better placed in a position to foster advanced education systems and career. Susan McGalla cuts across as a figure that promotes women’s empowerment. The American entrepreneur has mastered the art of investing in businesses throughout the world’s toughest moments marked by economic recession. Susan McGalla is not a typical career executive. She combines talent and academic credentials to achieve excellent results.

Career Advice

Throughout her career, she has focused on empowering women in societies. Susan gives sound advice in career advancement and business. She uses her life experiences as a case study while giving advice. She has risen in ranks because of her vision. At a young age, Susan understood that she was destined for greatness. Being visionary, she invested in college education by acquiring a degree in marketing. At that moment, there were many obstacles in the lives of women. Women were confined to domestic chores. She, however, saw the need to place herself in the middle of the battle by beating the challenges. McGalla focused on building a career by advancing in studies. She saw herself as a chief executive officer and focused on achieving higher education.

Education Advice

Presently, McGalla is a top executive in the field of business. Most women look up to her, because she has a vast experience in marketing. Her experience in branding is evident in the fashion industry. With her experience, she gives liable advice to women. She advises girls and mothers to focus on education even with the rising costs. With an economy that is skills-based, McGalla states that it is vital for women to advance their careers. This can only be done if women focus on attaining degrees. With higher education comes career advancement. With career advancement, women will be able to pave way in the male-dominate work industry.

Another factor aimed at contributing to women’s success according to McGalla is confidence. McGalla states that women might lose confidence when approaching a male-dominated work industry. However, it is vital for them to build confidence. With self-confidence comes achievement and self-belief.

The Osteo Relief Institue has been at the heart of the many major developments seen in the treatment of arthritis in its many different forms, which have now reached over 100 types that make arthritis the main cause of disability in the U.S. Pain and stiffness are two of the main symptoms associated with arthritis that can make everyday activities difficult to achieve and cope with; the Osteo Relief Institute believes remaining as active and healthy as possible can make a major difference to the quality of life a patient achieves as they learn to deal with osteoarthritis.

Osteo Relief Institute

Lifestyle changes can make a major difference to the symptoms of arthritis, which is an incurable condition that degenerates over the life of an affected person. Issues such as smoking can have a detrimental effect on arthritis symptoms that include the problem of connective tissues in the joints breaking down at a faster rate among smokers; the Osteo Relief Institute recommends all patients completing a little exercise each day that remains within their comfort zone and does not cause pain and stiffness requiring prolonged periods of healing to take place.


Patients of the Osteo Relief Institute can make use of a number of locations or the main campus in New Jersey to ensure the highest level of treatment is available to limit the need for surgery and invasive options recommended by many physicians across the U.S (HealthGrades). The Osteo Relief Institute takes a different approach to the treatment of arthritis, including physical therapy treatments that have been developed with arthritis patients specifically in mind.


The no-nonsense approach to treatments developed by the Osteo Relief Institute includes the use of everyday English that reduces the level of confusion and lack of understanding often seen in medical environments. The New Jersey location of the Osteo Relief Institute works to make sure each patient is aware of the options open to them and plays a role in the decisions made about the treatments they are provided with each and every day.

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Madison Street Capital, a global investment banking firm was the sole financial advisor in the arrangement of minority equity and the subordinated debt investment for ARES Security Corporation. Based in Vienna, Virginia, ARES Security is a leader in the management of enterprise security risk. The company offers comprehensive back-to-back security software solutions. The transaction which was financed by Corbel Structured Equity Partners was announced by Madison Street Capital’s CEO Mr. Charles Botchway and was led by Madison Street Capital’s Executive Managing Director, Mr. Reginald McGaugh.


Speaking during the event, Mr. Reginald praised ARES Security for their high-end security solutions for the protection of the World’s most crucial assets. He also talked about the company’s superior management team including its President and stockholder Mr. Ben Eazzetta for providing the investment. On his part, Mr. Eazzetta was categorical about the importance of the investment, and he praised Madison Street Capital for their impressive job in finding them the best financing partner.


ARES Security recognized the importance of partnering with Corbel Equity Partners to structure their investments in the creation of substantial equity values. Corbel Structured Equity Partners has a flexible capital solution which is essential for ARES Security in the propelling its sales. Corbel is also well connected to other big companies in the industry which can be crucial for ARES Security in increasing its customer base.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a leading global medium-sized investment banking company which is based in Chicago, Illinois. Started in 2005 Madison Street Capital has grown tremendously due to its commitment to the provision of quality investment banking services to its clients. The company offers services such as corporate financial advisory, financial opinions, facilitation of merger and acquisitions as well as the valuation of companies.


Madison has assisted many customers in a variety of sectors thanks to its team of professionals. The company also strives to provide their clients with the most reliable mergers and acquisitions advice possible. Madison Street Capital has been able to achieve all this by employing its strategy of understanding their customers first as well as the true value of the company. This is an essential part of the merger and merger process because it paints the actual picture of the company’s current situation and its future opportunities.


One of the major activities which have enhanced Madison Street Capital’s reputation is its involvement in various philanthropic activities. For example in 2011, the company donated a lot of funds to help people who had been affected by adverse weather in Eastern and Midwestern regions of the USA.


As recognition to its exemplary services, the company has bagged a number of important awards. For example, in January 2017, Madison Street Capital was the recipient of the Turnaround Award.

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There are quite a few people who are searching for services for their dental office, and they may work with MB2 Dental to have all their services managed easily. A dentist must have more time with their patients, and there are many different people who wish to use MB2 Dental to save time, and they may need this company because they do not have someone in the office that may do all this. It is quite easy for someone to run their dental office when they have help from MB2 Dental and their staff. Read more news on epodcast network..

#1: There Are Many Things To Be Done

There are quite a few people who wish to use MB2 Dental to have them handle insurance, payroll, hiring and clerical services. The MB2 Dental staff will do everything for the dentist, and they will take many things off that dentist’s plate. The dentist will be much happier with the work that they may do in a day, and they do not see these things cross their desk.

#2: Time With Patients

Dentists will step back to their patients more often, and they will begin to spend more time around the people they love. The dentist will not spend extra time in the office doing work because the office is managed through MB2 Dental, and they will receive reports from MB2 Dental that detail all that the company has done on their behalf. The patients will have slightly longer appointments, and they will feel as though they get more personal attention.

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#3: Professional Services

Dentists may trust that all the services they request will be done by someone who is a professional in the field. Financial services that are offered by the MB2 Dental office will ensure that the dentist has sound financials, and they will offer reports that detail all that they have done that week. The weekly reports maybe catalogued for future reference, and the reports may be used to ensure that there is recordkeeping for the end of year statements.

#4: Hiring

Hiring from MB2 Dental is quite important because it saves time for the client who does not have time to interview and hire people. They know that they need new staff members, but they do not know how they will protect their interests by hiring someone correctly. It takes quite a lot of time for someone to hire new staff, and it is better for the customer to ask MB2 Dental to help.

#5: Saving Money

Services from MB2 Dental come with a small fee, and the savings that is offered is quite large for all customers. Someone who wishes to save money may okay the fee to MB2 Dental, and they will notice how easy it is to make their payment to the MB2 Dental staff.

Someone who wants to hire MB2 Dental may pass off all the things they need to the staff, and they will save money for the office. It is much easier for all clerical and financial work to be done. Learn more about MB2 Dental on monster.com.