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Ricardo Tosto is a law graduate from the Presbyterian University.He also holds an extension course in Business administration at Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation. He is the partner of Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados in Brazil. The law firm is one of the biggest firms in Brazil and has got so many clients. The reports are from bodies such as Annuario Analysis Advocacia. He is also one of the greatest Brazilian entrepreneurs known. He has started from a very humble beginning. Indeed he had a very small office a few years ago but today he owns one of the largest offices in Brazil and more information click here.

Ricardo Tosto has represented many companies and great personalities who have gained national effect. He has advocated for multinational organizations, companies, politicians, governments and non-governmental organizations. He works so hard to defend his clients.He is also aware of his capabilities and experience and is always devoted towards ensuring that he produces the best. He works in defense of his clients with skills, experience, and passion. He is one of the Brazilian lawyers who is believed not to have lost cases in courts. Ricardo Tosto has also contributed towards the creation of laws that are of great impact in the Brazilian community and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.

The laws that Ricardo Tosto advocated for have led to the adoption of several mechanisms that are applied by many people and law firms. They have been transformed for a common goal. The great lawyer has trained many of his associates and has been their role models. He directly supervises their daily operations and thus instilling them with skills that keep on raising the status of Leite, Tosto, and Barros Advogados. He also formulates strategies of this firm.His firm specializes in business law and provides legal support to companies with detailed legal support in a variety of industries. Their offices are located in Sao Paulo and have branches in Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro and Ricardo on Facebook.

Ricardo Tosto had worked with many companies and have dealt with many cases. He has represented the who is who in Brazil and his star keeps on rising. He has continued to be listed as the top rated lawyer in Brazil.

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Orange Coast College is one of the top community colleges in Costa Mesa. Founded in 1948, the community college enrolls approximately 24,000 students annually. The college sits on 164-acres of suburban land, offering students access to quality, affordable learning at a great facility in a prime location.


The college recently received an unexpected gift in the sum of $1 million from 91-year old Mary McChesney. A retired OCC teacher, McChesney made this generous donation to elaborate funding of the planetarium, a project currently under construction at the school. The construction for the new and improved facility (which will serve the needs of students attending OCC, but also students from kindergarten -12th grade as well) began in 2016 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The new facility boasts many state-of-the art technologies and a larger auditorium and seating area. The exact use of the money is funding of a Foucault pendulum. This device will be the first and only in Orange County, and is used to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.


Before retiring in 1983, McChesney taught students in English and Spanish for over 33 years. She held a deep passion for her students education and helping them achieve the success they were after. Although she’s retired and went on to live a fulfilling life, McChesney says the college has always remained near and dear to her heart. McChesney made the donation in honor of her late husband, Alvin, who passed away in January.


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For the people that are incarcerated across the nation, they have a need to want contact with their loved ones. Securus Technologies provides the inmates with the means to do so. The prisoners are able to communicate with their loved ones by special video. All the parties that are involved are happy with the way that this technology has assisted them.


Securus Technologies is always interested in hearing from their customers. Positive feedback allows the company to continue to create more technologies every week. People are also welcome to visit their site in Texas to see what they are working on. They will be given a presentation so that the people will be able to understand the importance of the technologies.


Since the company deals with over a million prisoners a year, they are adept at various ways of making the world a safer place. It is their goal to do so. The company has many different clients, and one of their biggest ones is the US government. They are in contracts with them at all times, and they work in both the civil and criminal sectors of justice in order to create safer environments. The future looks fantastic for the company as they create even more intricate technologies. They are the leader in their field, and their professional and educated staff are dedicated to making their company stand out from all the rest.


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Rocketship Education is a net of charter schools based in Redwood, California. This organization is a non-profit institution that was founded by John Danner and his partner, Preston Smith, in 2007. Rocketship Education currently operates more than sixteen schools in parts of Concord California, San Jose, Nashville, Washington D.C, Milwaukee, and Red Wood City.

About Rocketship Education

In its attempt to expand, Rocketship Education recently acquired a 25,000 square-foot newspaper office in Cavallo Road, Antioch, to construct a school for students from grades K to 5. This property was acquired at $1.5 million. In a press release to announce the acquisition of this property, Rocketship Education revealed that it plans to open other facilities in Washington D.C later in the year. This non-profit organization provides free education to children living in poor neighborhoods. Aside from low-income families, Rocketship Education is open to children from other districts.

According to Elise Hill, the foundations marketing manager, all children deserve better schools. Studies conducted by Rocketship Education indicate that low-income regions attract minimal tax revenue and this significantly affects education funding. This, in turn, interferes with the students’ performance. For this reason, Rocketship Education is committed to raising the bars of education higher to meet the required threshold. This foundation has received recognition for striving to improve their students’ test scores.

Parents’ involvement in the management of charter schools

Rocketship Education works in collaboration with the parents when it comes to selecting suitable teachers to teach at the charter schools. This exercise is carried out weeks before classes resume. This activity has been going on since the establishment of these schools. Rocketship Education adopted this practice to ensure that parents are actively involved in the welfare of their children. Reviews from “The Post” show that parents are usually eager to candidates applying for various posts in the schools. This practice is not new and other schools, such as the Los Angeles Unified School District, have been practicing this activity since the early 90s. Aside from hiring teachers, parents also get to inspect ongoing construction to ensure that things are going as planned. This kind of relationship is what makes management of Rocketship Education easy.