Troy McQuagge: Vital in USHEALTH Groups Growth

Troy McQuagge is only working for a couple of years with USHEALTH Group as an executive, but he has made so much for the company. Joining the ranks of the USHEALTH Group executives in 2010, Troy McQuagge made a sole objective in mind – to save the company from the threat of bankruptcy. Under his leadership, he changed some of the rules within the organization which is seen as having an anti-employee stance, and he also reminded all of the executives working for the USHEALTH Group that they should also respect their superiors. He is very accommodating, and all of the employees of the company loved him and referred to him as a once in a blue moon boss. Read more on about Troy McQuagge US Health

Troy McQuagge then shifted his focus to the performance of the company. He would order the company’s customer support team to become more accommodating when speaking to their customers and explain everything that is offered in the insurance plan or coverage that the customers wanted to buy. He would also encourage the customers and clients to customize their insurance plans and coverages and make it fit into their schedule and budget. After he introduced some of the changes in the company, the revenue of the USHEALTH Group started to bounce back. Troy McQuagge is convinced that the reason why the business was under the threat of bankruptcy is that of the lack cooperation between each department, and that was what he did next. He would make it easier for those at the bottom of the organization chart to speak with someone higher. That way, equality among the employees can be practiced, and they can work in a stress-free environment.

Because of the leadership skills that he showcased while being the executive of USHEALTH Group, Troy McQuagge USHealth was given an award. He was known as the CEO of the Year, and Troy McQuagge could not believe what he heard. He emphasized during some of the interviews that it was the employees who worked with the USHEALTH Group who deserves an award. According to him, they are hardworking, trustworthy and reliable. Learn more:



Dr. Mark McKenna Thriving in Entrepreneurship

Dr. Mark McKenna studied medicine after which he later qualified to be a surgeon. Perhaps a career path that many people today consider very noble. One would think that after one attains such a status of being a doctor that you have achieved the best state in society and honestly you would not want to further venture into other fields. Well, not this doctor. Dr. Mark McKenna did not stop at just being a doctor.

This man was smart enough to realize that there was a niche in the market and saw a business opportunity which he grabbed without looking back. He went into the sale of property, an endeavor that is always in time. He believes that for one to reach a point where he can identify a niche in the market, one must have read. After all, in books is knowledge hidden and it is up to you to find it. Furthermore, he believes in working with a plan in mind in order to succeed; failing to plan is as good as planning to fail.

Moreover, Dr. Mark McKenna is not a man without a family. He found a good wife called Gianine together with whom they have been blessed with a precious daughter, Milana. To add the icing on the cake, they also keep a dog as a pet.

Aside from that, it is important to note that the doctor values his health. In fact, he has put it on his schedule that, every evening he has a martial arts training session just to make sure that he is fit. More than that he has also created an invention in the area of medicine explicitly dealing with aesthetics. Your health is your ultimate wealth it seems. Dr. Mark McKenna also acknowledges that he too sometimes looks up to other people as inspiration, one of them being the former U.S President.

Dr. Mark McKenna founded OVME. He is also its CEO and stands as a member of charitable organizations. His first dive into business began with the McKenna Venture Investments before he moved to Atlanta.

Macy’s Is Saying Goodbye to Downtown Cincinnati

A downtown Cincinnati institution will soon be no more. After 25 years, the Fountain Square Macy’s is closing its doors. The retailer had previously announced that it will close 100 or more stores nationwide in 2018. That the Fountain Square Macy’s is one of them comes as a surprise. The retailer opted not to renew its downtown lease when it expires in January. The store itself will close by March.

The closure affects more than 54 employees. Reportedly, Macy’s Inc is offering severance packages for some and employment opportunities in nearby stores for others.

Macy’s corporate headquarters, as well as six other stores and various offices, will remain in the Cincinnati area.

Two other retailers, Saks and Tiffany’s, have clauses in their leases that allow them to shut down their own stores if too many high-profile businesses leave the area. So far there’s been no word on whether Macy’s leaving will impact their presence downtown.

This marks a setback for the recent regrowth in downtown Cincinnati, but developers say it’s a minor one. The city is actively pursuing Amazon. The corporate giant announced in 2017 that it will be opening a second headquarters outside of Seattle. Should Cincinnati be chosen for the new location, thousands of jobs will come to the area, pushing growth and revitalizing the downtown neighborhood. This would make it appealing to a wider range of retailers and other businesses.

In the meantime, developers are still deciding what to do with the prime location by Fountain Square once Macy’s closes.

Hussain Sajwani: The Force Behind the DAMAC Group

He has been called the “Donald of Dubai” by some. Comparisons to Donald Trump are not wholly unfounded for Hussain Sajwani. The multi-billionaire CEO and founder of the DAMAC Group has made his fortune in residential real estate development, and he has a history of business dealings with Trump.

Sajwani’s beginnings were is the food service business. In that capacity, he handled major clients such as construction behemoth Bechtel and the U.S. military.

He has not forsaken these roots, either. He still owns that food service business where he got his start.

In 2002, Sajawni founded DAMAC Properties. The company benefited from a governmental decree that allowed non-UAE citizens to own property in the UAE. Read more: Hussain Sajwani | Forbes and Hussain Sajwani | LinkedIn

Many of DAMAC’s customers were foreigners looking to purchase apartments in the emirate. Within less than six months of purchasing a piece of land for his first residential building, he had sold all of the units in it–before construction had even begun. It is Sajwani who has helped to bolster the image of Dubai.

Sajwani’s business success has been intertwined with Trump’s success as well. In 2013, he teamed up with Trump to develop two golf courses: The Trump International Golf Course Dubai, which is located at DAMAC’s Akoya residential development, and the Tiger Woods-designed Trump World Golf Course.

Trump has had good things to say about Sajwani. Shortly after being elected president, he praised Sajwani profusely.

Hussain Sajwani has likewise had positive things to say about the U.S. president. He has expressed hopes for further business dealings with the Trump Organization. In fact, Sajwani has close ties to not only Donald Trump but the president’s children Ivanka, Eric, and Donald Jr. as well.

Hussain Sajwani’s interests extend beyond making money, however. He and DAMAC Group have made a commitment to giving back. As such, they established the DAMAC Foundation to do philanthropic works within the Arab world.

One of its initiatives is the “One Million Arab Coders,” which is designed to provide people with the necessary technical skills for a happier, more empowered society.

Chicago Man Cleared of Charges After 22 Years Behind Bars

In May of 1995, Thomas Sierra, then 19 years old was convicted for a murder he did not commit. He is one of over 50 people who claim to have been set up by one police officer, a retired police detective named Reynaldo Guevara. Even though he filed a petition for a retrial 15 years ago, Sierra, now 44, completed the entire 2 decades long sentence and was released from prison back in November of 2017. He served on house arrest until this past Tuesday when he was cleared of all charges.

The night of the crime Noel Andujar was shot to death by a gunmen driving a tricked out Buick Park Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. A key witness to I.D. Sierra at the scene of the crime has since been recorded both in court and on several official statements claiming that Guevara coerced him to do so even after initially admitting to the detective that he only positive about the car and not about shooter. The Detective had tried to place Sierra at the scene of the crime by linking him to a similar car belonging to a friend, even though witnesses made statements denying it was the same as the one used by the shooter.

James Obbish, a Chicago based Judge cleared two additional defendants of charges last month in other murder cases the crooked cop was involved with. The men both claiming that he beat them into the signing of their false murder confessions. Over a dozen more defendants are awaiting their cases to be review in hopes of having the charges cleared.

Matthew Autterson Prominence In Finance Services

Matthew Autterson is a prominent man in the financial services sector. Having served in this industry for approximately 25 years, he has gained exceptional leadership skills, popularity and even amplified his interests in philanthropy. Mr. Matthew Autterson philanthropic interests were a result of many leadership roles that he played in different Companies including; The Foundation Board of Denver Zoological and Denver Zoo, The Foundation of Webb-Warring, and Denver Hospice where he served as the Directors Board’s Chairman. On top of this, he was also an ex-member of World President Organization (WPO) and Young President Organization (YPO).


Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB) is a non-profit Organization where Mathew Autterson serves as a member of the Directors Board. FAB is dedicated Company with the primary aim of helping people with neuropathic disability to improve their control and Interactions with the surrounding and also to enhance their motor functions. FAB creates a certified platform for Mr Autterson to implement his philanthropic interests by improving the lives of people with nervous disability in the society.


In 1980, Mr. Matthew Autterson acquired his degree in Finance from The University of Michigan. He later enrolled at Denver University for a Graduate Tax Program that opened his eye to the business industry. Mr Autterson career began when he joined First Trust Corporation a branch of a global Company known for providing outstanding Finance services technology solutions referred to as Fiserv, Inc.


Matthew served at First Trust Corporation for some time and later left by 1982. Several months later he joined a Trust Company which was State-Chartered in Colorado. The Resources Trust Company was a new branch of Integrated Resource Company that was found in New York and got praised for offering quality services in finance.


Mr Autterson’s dedication and outstanding leadership he portrayed contributed to his nomination as the president of Resources Trust Company. Matthew saw the company growth through utilising his skills and knowledge in the business service sector.


Later on, Broad Inc. purchased Integrated Resources Firm assets including the Resources Trust Company. Broad, Inc. changed its name to SunAmerica which later was acquired by AIG for $18, billion. In 2001 Fiserv a global finance company acquired the Resource Trust Company.


Before the Resource Trust Company sale, it was a big prominent state-chartered Firm worth more than $ 21 billion, with over 200,000 clients, approximately 15,000 financial advisor’s experts and competent 700 employees. Read This Article for more information.


Currently, Mr Mathew serves in CNS a drug producing company as the president, CEO and also as a member of the Board. CNS got founded by Scott Falci in 2013.


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Discovery to Move to New York City

New York City is the most populated city in the United States and is the home to more corporations than any other major city in the country. While the city is already the home to many different corporations, it appears that one more maybe moving to the city in the next few years. The Discovery Communications company, which is well known for maintaining the Discovery Channel, appears set to move its headquarters from Silver Spring, Maryland to New York City within the next few years (

The discovery Communications company has been located in the Washington DC suburbs for more than 30 years. Today, the company has more than 1,300 employees that are located across the country. However, the company appears that it will now be consolidating its operations into a more central location. The company is currently under contract to be acquired by Scripps International and plans to move to a new building in New York City by 2019. However, the move to the new city will be contingent on the sale of the company.

This move will be just one of the latest examples of a company that is looking to move to New York City. Over the past few years, many different organizations have seen a benefit in moving into the major city. While it provides a convenient location to hire more talented staff, the city has also started providing a number of different tax incentives to businesses in order to have them move in and stay.

Huntsville, Alabama Chosen As Site of New Car Plant

After much consideration, Huntsville, Alabama was chosen as the site of a new automobile plant that is a joint venture of Mazda and Toyota. The companies plan to invest as much as 1.6 billion dollars into building the new factory. When the factory is completed in 2021, it is expected to employ up to 4,000 new workers.

The announcement that Hunstville would be the site of the new factory is somewhat unexpected. Many industry insiders expected that the factory would be built at a location in North Carolina. However, the city of Huntsville provided significant incentives to both Toyota and Mazda to build their new factory in Huntsville.

Toyota already has an engine factory located in Huntsville. They also announced an over 100 million dollar investment in the engine factory. Mazda currently has no manufacturing facilities within the United States.

Toyota plans to build its new Toyota Corolla model at the Huntsville site. Toyota already builds many Corollas at its site it Tupelo, Mississippi. That plant will remain in operation. Since the two factories are near one another, supplying parts to build the car will be more economical and convenient. Mazda plans to build a small crossover SUV type vehicle at the plant.

Toyota had planned to invest up to 700 million dollars at a plant in Mexico in order to ramp up their North American Corolla production. However, Toyota cancelled these plans. Some analysts attribute this response by Toyota to a statement by Donald Trump that threatened Toyota with a tax on Corollas brought to the United States from Mexico.

Agora Financial Publishing House that is Trusted by Over a Million Readers

Growing and protecting their money is what everyone wants, but the majority of the population have little to no clue how to achieve that. People these days are known to believe whatever they hear about in TV news, magazines and newspapers. However, when it comes to finances and investments, a bit of research is necessary. In the otherwise case, you are putting your hard earned money to risk and may end up losing a substantial amount of money when the market crashes or economic collapse happen at any level. The markets are volatile these days, and while it is true that some amount of risk needs to be taken to gain considerable returns from your investments, there is a system in how to do that. It is what Agora Financial would help you that.

Agora Financial is a publishing house that doesn’t only provide finance based news and information to its readers, but also offers tips and guidance to its readers on how to go about their investments. Thousands of readers who have been following the tips and tricks provided by Agora Financial about how to manage their finances and investments have come in handy for them and helped them earn a considerable amount of money. What Agora Financial does is minimizing your risks with investments and maximizes the chances of high returns. Agora Financial believes in scooping information directly from the source, and that is why sends its reporters across the planet to get information without any filtration. It is what helps the company in making accurate market predictions and financial forecasts, which has come true hundreds of times in the past couple of decades.

The information offered by Agora Financial has helped thousands of its readers to save their money by avoiding the industries that are sluggish. It has also helped the readers to grow as well as protect their money by putting it into the investment option that is becoming. Agora Financial has grown and matured over the years as a leading publishing house and has over a million readers from across the globe. It is still increasing at an exponential stage, and millions trust the market analysis it provides.

Chicago Bears Hire Matt Nagy

The Chicago Bears are one of the most historic franchises in the NFL. The team is very well known for its history of having dominating defenses and winning a number of World Championships. While the team has a strong history, they have struggled over the past decade and have not been able to maintain an identity. During the 2017 season, the team did look like it took a bit of a step forward, but ultimately was only able to win 5 games while losing 11. After the season ended, the team ended up firing their head coach, John Fox.

Now that the 2017 season is over, the Bears are looking for ways to move forward. Shortly after the regular season ended, the team ended up hiring a new head coach in Matt Nagy ( Matt Nagy was previously the offensive coordinator with the Kansas City Chiefs. He had spent the past ten years working for Andy Reid, for both a member of the Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

While this will be the first time that Nagy has been a head coach in the NFL, there are many reasons why the team was attracted to him as a coach. The 39 year old coach was previously tasked with turning around the career of quarterback Alex Smith. Alex Smith was previously a number one overall draft pick with the San Francisco 49ers. However, he struggled to turn into the quarterback that many people thought he could be. After spending the first five years of his career with the 49ers, he was ultimately traded to the Chiefs.

This makes Nagy a great fit for the Bears as they recently drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the number two overall pick before the 2017 season. While Trubisky did show some signs of promise, he is a very raw talent that needs a lot of direction and coaching. The Bears are hopeful that Nagy will be able to have the same positive impact on Trubisky that he had on Smith. However, Nagy will also have to help find some weapons for Trubisky in order for him to be successful.