President Donald Trump is the talk of the town today after the MSNBC Report at the Rachel Maddow Show about how the president was not alerted to the “Russia problem”. There’s a lot of discussion right now about such news, especially because the Russia problem is one of the most controversial topics that ever occurred under the Trump administration.

One analysis from Rachel Maddow about the Russia’s intervention to the U.S. elections indicates that Trump did more than ignore the situation. There’s talk that the president didn’t volunteer information that would’ve helped the FBI protect the U.S. elections from foreign intervention. It is also a cause of alarm that the Trump administration didn’t push support to the FBI to assess and investigate on the issue.

It is also revealed in the report that the act of not reporting the Russia situation by the President to the FBI is an issue that should be investigated today. It may be said that the Russia meetings that Donald Trump and his family had were just benign and didn’t cause anything to jeopardize the U.S. elections. But it is still a cause of concern right now that Donald Trump didn’t still discuss the issue to the FBI immediately after he heard official reports of the link between the two states.

The Rachel Maddow Show also showed a strong connection between the Putin government with the Trump campaign and even revealed a long list that showed meetings between the Trump and emissaries from the Russian government. It is a hotly debated topic today that these concerns and meetings were not thoroughly investigated yet.

Heated Response

At the Politics subreddit, we can read so many responses and excited replies on this Russia problem and how Trump was supposed to not have received any warning from the FBI about such intervention.

Many commenters said that this issue is just part of the long series of cases where white-collar crime is rarely persecuted in America. They argued that people who have the connections and money can get away with everything because of their clout.

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London is the new market that Equities First Holdings (EFH) in 2012. It started to offer equity loans in financial advice. EFH prove that their product was reliable. That is a product that I want to trust. Equity-loans is unique, because it uses stocks as collateral. The stocks must be assessed by EFH for future value. Before it can be used collateral. The approval rate of the loan is usually better than loans from traditional lending institution. The London office had over 700 transactions. This is a good performance that led to expansion into other areas of the world.

EFH’s global operation has been responsible for over $1 billion in transactions. This is great performance for any company. It shows people trust EFH. For 15 years, they have been growing trust, showing professionalism, and becoming a leader in financial sector. The competition does not offer equity loans; therefore, they will always be behind EFH.

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The business approach has to involve a lot of thought, especially when it comes to money management. Often times, businessmen have to make purchases on the basis of whether or not it is going to bring something valuable to business. In fact, a lot of spending has to be thought about as an investment. It is a lot different from buying a product that is desired in that the individual who is buying something is buying because he wants the product. When it comes to making business purchases, the business owner is going to have to look closely at what he is buying to make sure it is money well spent, the same goes for the hiring process and executive background checks before making a major decision.


Corporate Resolutions tells us one of the common choices businessmen have to make involves deciding whether or not to buy another business. In the case of a private equity firm, due diligence is very important. Private equity firms are going to have to find out everything about a company before they decide on whether or not to buy it. There is a lot to look at when it comes to opportunities. One of the common things that happen is that a lot of scams are presented to someone. The person or the firm takes the offer only to find that it is not the right one for them.


One piece of advice that experts give for deciding whether or not to buy a company make an investment is to look beyond the “actuals”. One also has to look at the projection in order to determine if it is worth making the investment. This protects the private equity firm from major losses. One company has a story about a seller who has made an offer for a company. The private equity firm has looked at many different factors including the price.


When the company asked the seller about his projections, the seller has had some projections that caught the attention of the company. They have asked a lot of questions about the projection such as if there were any acquisitions. The only thing that the seller could say was that they were expecting to gain new customers and that the customers were going to buy more products. After careful consideration, the firm decided not to buy the company. They looked back a year later and they have seen that nothing has changed with the seller. Another thing that they have found is that no one else has made the investment.


When it comes to making business investments, knowledge is the one thing that will protect investors and firms from any major losses. The worst thing to do is jump blindly on an opportunity that has a very low likelihood of success. While making investments is always a risk, people lower the risk by learning more about the potential investment they can make. Due diligence makes a difference in this case. A lot of investors know that it is at least as easy to lose a ton of money from a bad choice as it is to gain profits.

On Tuesday, irate taxi drivers met outside New York’s City Hall to demand tighter regulation of ride-hailing services such as Uber after the suicide of five cab drivers in the past few months.

The executive director of NYTWA (New York Taxi Workers Alliance), Bhairavi Desai, said cab driver wages have been driven down by the influx of ride-hailing cars over the past several years. This forced many cab drivers to the brink of despair.

Desai’s group is calling for a limit on the number of Uber and similar ride-hailing cars on city streets. The group also wants the city to increase wages by ensuring minimum metered fares are uniform across the cab industry. Most cab drivers say they have lost or experienced a reduction in revenue since the inception of ride-hailing vehicles.

According to the NYCTLC (New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission), approximately 70,000 app-based cars compete with 4,000 green taxis, 13,500 yellow taxis, and 30,000 livery cars and black cars. The commission also stated that 2,000 vehicles are licensed every month, and the majority serve app-based companies.

At the City Hall rally, a number of speakers rallied against “Wall Street” and Uber for undercutting fares of traditional cab drivers. One speaker, Victor Salazar who is a taxi workers alliance member said “Shame on the apps, shame on Uber and the gig economy.”

An Uber spokeswoman, Danielle Filson said that drivers who have medallions were exploited by lenders and left behind by change. She said Uber supports any action that will ease the financial burden of such drivers.

A raft of bills geared towards assisting all taxi drivers is being considered by the Council Committee on For-Hire Vehicles in New York City. The consideration includes legislation that would put a cap on the number of for-hire vehicle licenses in the city in a bid to increase drivers’ earnings.

Mayor Bill de Blasio and Council Spokesmen Speaker Corey Johnsons said in separate statements on Tuesday that they are finding ways to improve conditions for cab drivers. Desai said the best hope for the industry lied in legislation. Anything that is not legislation was lip service, she added in her closing statement.