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The pelvic floor refers to a group of ligaments as well as muscles in the pelvic region. It acts as sling support to the organs in a person’s pelvic including the rectum, bladder, uterus in addition to the prostate. Contracting as well as relaxing these muscles enables you to control bowel movement. For women particularly, it allows them to control sexual intercourse. Pelvic floor disorders in women force one to contract their muscles instead of relaxing them. As such, an individual may experience difficulty while having a bowel movement. If not treated on time, pelvic floor dysfunction may lead to discomfort and colon damage.


Understanding Pelvic Floor Disorders


It’s vital to visit a doctor to confirm your symptoms. Your doctor will review these symptoms before determining the right treatment. Since pelvic floor disorders affect more than 200 million in the world, donors, researchers and scientists have partnered to make it possible for them to access treatment. Marc Beer, the serving CEO of Renovia Inc is one such individual who has invested in the development of various drugs to help women with dysfunctional pelvic floors.


Who is Marc Beer?


Marc Beer is prominent for transforming startups into successful companies that have robust financial dockets. Mr. Beer recently chaired the obtaining of $42 million channeled toward the biotechnology startup he’s co-founded. Throughout the fundraiser, Marc Beer has made it clear that the funds, raised through a series of venture debt funding will be utilized in developing diagnostic technologies that will be used to treat urinary incontinence in women. Besides, the funds will be used to create affordable medicine for the medical condition that has been affecting their muscle floors. Learn more:


Infusion of Funds to Raise Money


Raised through the infusion of funds from different companies that have seen the company accumulate funds from Longwood Fund, and Perceptive Advisers, the money will further be used to develop Levia, one of the drugs produced by Renovia Inc. The Food and Drug Administration has also approved this drug. The innovative proprietary technologies have harnessed data to develop health platforms for this cause. It’s the merger that will hopefully lead to the reduced overhead cost made for the diagnosis of urinary incontinence.


Contributing to The Development of Renovia Inc


For Marc Beer, such projects have majorly contributed to the development of various drugs for different health issues. Consequently, in 2016, he played a crucial role in uniting lead venture capital funds that specialize in the healthcare sector in order to fund the development of Levia. Following his leadership, Marc Beer has also successfully established other firms in the past including ViaCell, where he was the CEO. The company focused on the research of umbilical cord stem cells. Marc Beer is a famous business developer who has extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry.


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The James River Capital Corp is an independent investment firm, founded in 1986 by Paul Saunders, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Kevin Brandt, President and Co-Founder. Their firm provides management and advice in commodity trading and investments. The James River Capital Corp believe that skilled management has the potential to improve productivity by using their knowledge and skills.


In their blog, dated September 28, 2017, it discusses ways to improve leadership in companies that will make big differences for employees and leaders of these companies. They use examples of Facebook and Google that have implemented these recommendations in their companies. Changes in leadership styles, while small can make the biggest impact across the board. Strategies for leaders should start with a critical mentality shift from the word “lead” to “support”, which will change interactions with their teams. Transparent communication with employees improves innovation and collaboration. Most employees are hesitant to dialog with bosses for fear of getting in trouble. By supporting employees instead of leading, this changing concept will ensure and encourage employees that their concerns, challenges or suggestions will be addressed without reprisal or ridicule. Leaders should show appreciation for employee input and encourage all employees to provide by providing opportunities to voice their concerns. Learn more:


The blog also suggested that during meetings, employees should be encouraged to speak and voice their opinions or suggestions. A list of who contributes should be maintained so that it will provide leaders with the names of the people who do provide input. This will help the leader to encourage those employees who are afraid to speak up during these meetings and provide their valued input into how to improve productivity and morale. Documenting employee input with help leaders to determine what areas of their organization that need help or encouragement. A concerned boss is greatly appreciated far more that one who ignores employees. A happy employee is a productive employee. By supporting instead of leading, leaders can ensure employees that their opinions are encouraged and welcomed and will improve the overall function of the group and organization for the better. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn

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The educational world has been taken a storm by the incredible app Classdojo. Classdojo is currently being used by at least one teacher in ninety-five percent of elementary schools in the United States. Classdojo gives teacher a unique platform to create a positive classroom culture while also staying connected to parents and students. The application is now looking to make a leap forward with some recent changes.

Classdojo’s new addition is known as ‘ClassDojo Beyond School.’ ClassDojo Beyond School is a program that includes several new features. The application is focused on providing techniques to help children deal with everyday challenges. These techniques include reflection, meditation or mindfulness. Co-founder and CEO Sam Chaudhary believes that students have many opportunities for learning experiences outside of the classroom. Even just a few minutes a day with these techniques could be very beneficial.

There are numerous other features packed into this new app. Parents will find it helpful to use the videos that are included with the application. These videos guide students in helping teach their children these new techniques. Parents also have the ability so assign children points similar to the behavior incentive system that already exists.

For students there are a number of great additions in ClassDojo Beyond School. Kids love the avatars that already exist within the app. Now they have the ability to create and design their own avatar. Students can now send videos as a reply to a message within the app.

ClassDojo’s success during its seven years of existence has been amazing. Their new subscription service is already in place and the app will be released to everyone early next year. With this newest upgrade ClassDojo appears set for continued success for many years to come.

Find out more about ClassDojo:

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James River capital Corp is a company located in Richmond, Virginia, and deals is an investment firm. The firm became independent in 1995 when it was acquired by Kevin Brandt and Paul Saunders. The firm has been registered with the Securities Exchange Commission as an investment advisor. It has also been registered with the CFTC as a commodity trading advisor and commodity pool operator. James River capital Corp has won numerous awards some of them being the global fun awards 2015 and the Investors choice awards 2015. The company gives advices to organizations in different areas. One of the advices it has given is on ways to improve the leadership styles.

To be a leader requires one to have the right skills to manage a team. However, there are things that a leader has to so as to make a difference. There are effective leadership skills that every leader should have. However, by only making certain changes a leader can make improve on their leadership style.

Encourage escalation

One of the things that a leader needs to do is to embrace escalation. Employees usually hold their feedback and do not tell their employers what they are really thinking about. When workers feel that they are going to be in trouble by reporting an issue, they prefer to withdraw their opinion. However, it is not possible for a company to grow without transparent communication with employees. Thus, it is necessary to fro leaders to have psychological safety so that employees feel safe to approach them.

Put everyone’s opinion into consideration

A leader’s job is to support his team. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of any obstacles that make employees hold back. Leaders can do so by ensuring that employees get a chance to speak their mind during meetings. To do this, a leader has to make a list of everybody who is attending the meeting. Marking against the names of those employees who speak will enable the leader to know the people who speak consistently. A good leader will encourage the team members who are quit to give their input. A leader needs to ensure that everyone is comfortable so that they can open up. Employees will be more productive when they know that their opinions are valued. Learn more:

Support the team and not just leading them

An effective leader will not just lead his team but will support them. Most leaders only support their team and do offer the support need to become be productive. Interacting with the team members makes a great impact on an individual’s leadership styles. A leader can change many things by one changing their approach. Additionally, having a different view of their role can make all the difference.

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