June 13, 2018 · Electric Cars, Zipcar

Ride sharing has become a thing of the present, replacing a large percentage of taxi services with companies like Uber and Lyft. So it’s only natural that car sharing takes its place in today’s society, gaining control of market shares traditional rental car services once held–in comes Zipcar.

This year in London, the car sharing company has plans to roll out a fleet of 300 Volkswagen e-Golfs under its Flex Service; with the use of the Zipcar app, Londoners can pick up their rental cars, then when they’re finished using them, are free to park them anywhere in the city. In this techcrunch article the company’s UK general manager says that the people in London are embracing the option of sharing cars in lieu of owning their own vehicles, and that this is a trend the company sees growing. The Volkswagen e-Golf is a battery-operated car without the gas tank, which spares the environment of the toxic byproducts and pollution that comes about when burning fossil fuels. The London Mayor’s Transport Strategy wishes to achieve just that–cleaner air, cleaner streets, and Zipcar fits comfortably into that plan for the future. The company plans to start off with 300 electric cars for the summer, and eventually cap it at 325.

Volkswagen also had positive things to say about this ambitious move in the techcrunch article, with their UK managing director stating that people are looking forward to this plan, and also the partnership between Volkswagen and Zipcar, because the result is the opportunity to rent a car whenever you want without hurting the environment with toxic emissions. And she also notes that the thousands of Zipcar members in London will get to experience the ease of using an all-electric vehicle, namely their e-Golf sedans.

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