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Alex Hern is an entrepreneur who has founded and co-founded many businesses over the past fifteen years. He has been known to start a business, bring it to full circle and make it a success, then turn and sell it for a much larger profit than what he put into it. Over the last fifteen years, Alex Hern has founded or co-founded more than a half dozen firms. He has been on the chairman of the board of many of these organizations. Given his track history it is no wonder that he has founded or co-founded a number of business entities.

His current venture is Silicon Surf. He is the co-founder of this business. Alex Hern sits on the board of this organization. This is a Southern California technology start up. He is also, the founder and CEO of a company called Tags. Tags is business that concentrates on assisting us with chatting with one another. Learn more about Alex at

When searching for Alex Hern’s educational background, there could be none found. He has worked across multiple industries with his background. There have been seven industries that he has worked across. Currently, he is the co-founder, co-Chief Executive Officer, and co-chairman of Tsunami VR, Inc.


Tsunami VR, Inc. is a company that he co-founded recently. This is his latest endeavor. At Tsunami VR., Inc. they specialize in making the work-place more efficient. They service industries in Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Equipment, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Energy, Automotive, Manufacturing, and construction.

Tsunami VR, Inc. is a digital meeting place. They specialize in an anytime, anywhere meeting place attitude. They have a Tsunami Studio and a Tsunami Workplaces. The studio specializes in 3D visualization solutions. Visit to know more.Alex Hern has been a busy man. We expect to hear more about Alex in the near future. When he sells Tsunami VR, Inc. we can expect he will profit.

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