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Nick Vertucci recently grabbed the headlines by releasing his highly anticipated book “Seven Figure Decisions” on the Amazon platform. The real estate investing maestro termed the manuscript as an unblemished account and guide describing his turbulent story of how his business collapsed and successfully managed to conquer his fears, changed his perspective and rebuilt his empire. With an excellent endorsement by renowned artist, Dean Cain and Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, the five-star business excerpt has broken down barriers and sold thousands of copies worldwide. The novel can be purchased on Amazon Kindle and hardcopy on Amazon.

After experiencing substantial failure in his computer technology business, Nick Vertucci deemed it necessary to pursue the real estate industry which subsequently proved to be a difficult venture coupled with several mistakes. Despite experiencing a tough depression, the entrepreneur opted to enroll for a real estate training circuit and obtain essential knowledge from a seasoned mentor. Having gained a strong mental foundation, he was up to the task to reinvent his business through real estate and change his fortunes. As a living proof, he hopes to guide entrepreneurs experiencing challenges with their business.

Printed by Lioncrest Publishing, the excerpt expounds in 350 pages the crucial steps that serve as a foundation of the entrepreneur’s life-changing philosophy that promoted financial freedom and created a much stronger and sustainable business.

While most people are familiar with the rags-to-riches story, few can relate with the rags-to-riches, back to rags and back-to-riches again story. Surprisingly, Nick Vertucci built an empire in the tech business despite having no education or money. Despite losing it all, he embraced the entrepreneurial spirit and clawed his way back to another fortune.

The Power of Mindset

Just like any successful entrepreneur, the real estate mogul brings ideas to life by adopting a set of critical guidelines; see it, believe it, map it and execute it. He further insists that seeing is not enough but having the will to execute the project defines an entrepreneur’s character. The entrepreneur credits a pattern of self-belief that helps him become productive in his business endeavors. By pushing the boundaries and surpassing expectations, he has become a beacon of success to any aspiring entrepreneur.

Nick Vertucci’s Profile

Nick Vertucci is the perfect embodiment of humble beginings to riches, back to poverty then wealth again story. Despite losing his tech business, he made a 180-degree turn and focused on real estate investment but not before gaining sufficient guidance. As a leading speaker and mentor in real estate investment, he has created a multimillion-dollar empire that has inspired students to pursue business and generate wealth.

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