June 1, 2018 · Amazon

The secret is out. After much silence, the city of Arlington revealed its proposal to convince Amazon to build its much desired second headquarters within its borders. The Tuesday reveal came after city officials announced that it is was officially out of contention for being awarded the mega contract. Despite offering Amazon nearly one billion dollars in tax breaks and grants, the online retail giant passed over the shot at Arlington.

Although disappointed that Arlington lost out on the bid, Mayor Jeff Williams boasted about the potential of the site stating that the area has a great future in being a major player as a mixed-use district featuring a myriad of residential, commerce, and entertainment options. Tuesday’s announcement was the end to a process that began in September when Amazon solicited an unprecedented challenge to major metropolitan areas around the country to bid on the chance to house the new $5 billion facilities expected to employ more than 50,000 workers. The so-called HQ2 will be in addition to the company’s original headquarters located along Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon revealed 20 finalists in January and the Dallas area made the cut. In order to protect the integrity of the process, Amazon asked that the proposals and the details surrounding the incentives be kept out of the public. However, Arlington officials made the decision to release the data following the news that the site was no longer in the running.

In addition to offering Amazon a 100 percent break of property taxes for the first decade of business, Arlington extended the company a land and infrastructure grant as well as various other tax breaks designed to make the offer more desirable.

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