April 29, 2015 · Baltimore

The riots in Baltimore, Maryland have sparked great debate and media attention. Comparable to total warfare, the streets of Baltimore have been plagued with many angry residents after the death of Freddie Gray. A series of pictures have been released that speak volumes about the cities current crisis.

Photos of complete and utter dismay show onlookers the scene on the Baltimore streets. Rioters, speaking out against police officers after the wrongful death of Freddie Gray have taken matters to the extreme. OTC Markets say that they have lined the streets terrorizing police cars and lighting them on fire. A photograph even captures a group of young black males destroying a police car. They have completed demolished the vehicle, smashing in the windows and literally tearing it apart. The picture shows the young males standing on the police car and flipping off the camera.

Other pictures show graphic images of buildings on fire, people being sprayed with mace and others throwing bricks into city buildings. The scene is downright heartbreaking. The mayor has declared a state of emergency for the city. Baltimore city schools have been canceled as authorities have deemed the city as unsafe.

Rioters believe the protests represent so much more than just the wrongful death of Freddie Gray. They believe they have been treated unfairly for many years and this is finally their chance to speak up. The unproductive and absolute animal-like behavior these people are displaying is sickening. Here’s to hoping the city is able to resolve the conflict.

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