June 15, 2018 · Wichita Aviation Industry

The Wichita aviation industry received good news over the weekend with Bombardier’s announcement of two new business jets.


At an event on Sunday in Geneva, Switzerland, the Canadian based aircraft manufactured revealed plans to roll out two new models of its Global business jet line. The 5500 and 6500 models will be marketed as large-cabin jets featuring roomy cabins and luxurious interiors.


The Wichita Bombardier site received the news that the interior work on the 5500 will be completed in town because the new jet is an offshoot of the Global 5000, already in the process of being moved to Wichita for production. The move is expected to happen in 2018 and will add at least 100 jobs to the community.


Bombardier spokesman Mark Masluch said that Wichita will receive both the 5000 and the new 5500 for work. By adding production of the 5500 to its Wichita site, Bombardier is solidifying its intent to remain in the city. The Wichita facility will be charged with interior work of the 5500 including the installation of seats, cabinetry, and other cabin features.


Priced at $46 million, the new Global 5500 will feature Rolls-Royce Pearl engines, allowing the plane to fly an additional 500 nautical miles than its previous range. The interior of the 5500 will also boast Bombardier’s Nuage seating, providing maximum comfort and style. The patented Rockwell-Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics bundle will also be included and rebranded as Bombardier’s Vision flight deck. The Global 6500 will include even more seating and upgrades and will be priced at $56 million.

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