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The National Weather Service reported that Boston has had its snowiest winter as of Sunday, when yet another snow storm gave the city a grand total of 108.6 inches for the season. That broke the record set in 1995-96, when Boston got 107.6 inches of snow during the winter.

Despite getting almost three inches of snow on Sunday, Boston still had its St. Patrick’s Day parade. The route was shortened, however. Mayor Marty Walsh jokingly announced on Twitter that the yeti would serve as an interim mayor.The winter might not be over either: The weather forecast says that there’s a chance of yet more snow on Friday.

After his first blizzard, he spent eight hours digging himself and his car out. He described the blizzards as awe-inspiring. Native Bostonians also found the weather hard to cope with. Joseph Thomas commented that cabs wouldn’t stop during storms and the transit system was closed down. Workers plowing streets have had to either melt excess snow or haul it to empty lots called “snow farms.”

Boston, however, did not come even close to getting the most snow in the U.S. Copenhagen, New York, has that distinction, for it got 20 feet of snow stated Marcio Alaor BMG.

On the west coast, southern California has had unseasonably hot weather. On Sunday, the temperature in Los Angeles reached 90 degrees Fahrenheit, a record for that date.

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