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Weather-weary New England was hit with its third major snow storm in just two weeks. An addition 22 inches of fresh snow paralyzed much of New England, with Boston being one of the hardest hit regions. The City had come to a standstill on Monday when the snow storm continued to fall on the already blanketed region.

As the citizens begun to dig out, more snow began to fall, and the city is running out of places to put it. According to Charlie Baker, Massachusetts is officially in a state of emergency.

Subway, trolley and train services remained closed through Tuesday, as much of the equipment remained buried under snow.

While Bostonians, like Susan McGalla,  have already tired of the constant snow fall, weather experts warn that it isn’t done yet.

Other parts of the Northeast and New England have also been effected by snow, although Boston has certainly received the worst of it. Much of New York was spared in the Blizzard that kicked off the unprecedented snow fall in the region, for example.

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