April 2, 2018 · Brownsville

A police officer in Brownsville, Texas is facing human smuggling charges after attempting to pick-up her boyfriend, Alfredo Salazar-Hernandez after he had illegally entered the United States.

Officer Valerie Rivas informed immigration officials upon being arrested that she was supposed to have met her boyfriend in Victoria, a Texas town located about four hours from Brownsville. When she could not find Salazar-Hernandez in Victoria and received no word from him, Rivas drove to Padre Island. There she spoke with another illegal immigrant that gave her information as to her boyfriend’s whereabouts. This immigrant would later be identified as Jose Raul Perez Basoria.

Both Rivas and Perez Basoria were unaware of the fact that Salazar-Hernandez had already been detained by border agents in Corpus Christi. This happened after the individuals who were to transport him to Victoria were captured the day before.

Rivas and Perez Basoria attempted to hide in the sand dunes along with others that had crossed the border after noticing a Coast Guard helicopter circling the area. Their efforts proved fruitless however as the helicopter operator noticed them and called into local border patrol officials. A short while after Immigration and Customs agents arrived on the scene, taking Rivas and the others into custody.

Rivas gave a full admission as to her intent while being questioned by agents at the scene.

Rivas has been a member of the Brownsville police department since July of 2016 according to the Brownsville Herald. A spokesman for the police department would not give any details of the Rivas situation and would only say that Rivas had indeed been arrested and is now on administrative leave.

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