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The chief executive officer and owner of Goettl Air Conditioning Kenneth Goodrich donated several air conditioning units to St. Catherine of Siena, a private school from Arizona.

Before St. Catherine of Siena’s semester started, the school had a huge problem. Five of the school’s air conditioners were not working properly. The copper tubes from the air conditioners were stolen by some unknown individuals, and the news spread quite considerably throughout Arizona. When Goodrich found out about the incident, he quickly contacted the school. Then, Goodrich communicated with the manufacturers Lennox Intl.Inc. and Goodman Mfg.

According to Goodrich, air conditioning is of crucial importance in Arizona, and it is a shame that such type of activity is prominent in the state. After Goodrich made the agreement with the school, he, Lennox and Goodman donated to St. Catherine of Siena five air conditioning units, systems with a worth of more than $30,000. On top of the air conditioning systems, Goodrich donated to the school metallic cages in order to prevent future robberies. The chief executive officer also personally inspected and monitored the installations on behalf of his technicians. St. Catherine of Siena was able to start its classes as planned. Goodrich, in the end, was happy that he was able to help both pupils and teachers.

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