June 2, 2015 · Airports · (No comments)

When we get to the airport and see the wave of TSA agents checking driver’s licences and passports we do get a sense of security. Going through the body screener and being search by other agents is annoying, but we do it for our own safety. But the truth is, most of those TSA agents allowed explosives and weapons through their security checkpoints 95 percent of the time. Just when we thought the TSA had trained their agents properly, we discover we could do a better job finding weapons than those trained agents.

Checkpoints at airports around the country cause a lot of turmoil before passengers board a flight. TSA searches look official and effective, but that’s not the case. In 70 tests, TSA agents failed to detect weapons in 67 of those tests. That’s more than a failing grade. A score like that means the government has wasted taxpayers’ money on a system that does nothing more than piss passengers off.

Homeland Security officials are frustrated with the test results, but they should be ashamed, not frustrated. CNN iReport wrote the whole TSA system for searching passengers should be overhauled. It’s an expensive system that produces few results.