February 21, 2017 · AKC dog for 2016, Jack Cotter · (No comments)

He was a U.S. veteran once classified as “100 percent permanently and totally disabled” by the Navy. Not anymore, because this 70-year-old former submarine man is on the go, thanks to Tucker.


Jack Cotter of Spokane, Washington, had suffered numerous injuries during and after his time in the Navy. Some of these included spine fractures, hip replacements, neck fractures, heart attack and more. Life was so challenging for Cotter, that he had to be pushed in a wheelchair to attend his son’s basketball tournament.


Today.com reports that Jack Cotter’s life turned completely around after being gifted with an adorable rescue puppy named Tucker. The cute pooch is a wire fox terrier and one that got to walk Cotter, instead of the other way around.


At first, Cotter could only walk Tucker a few feet, but the pup would egg him on further, and eventually, the two were taking long walks and attending dog obedience classes. It was there, that a lot of people noticed Tucker’s agility. Soon, the two bonded even further by entering local contests for championship American Kennel Club agility.


Little Tucker is now nine-years-old and the No. 1 AKC dog for 2016 in agility for his breed. Cotter is in the best shape of his life and enjoying life once again. The duo perform three practice runs twice a week, racing 150 yards around a course in under 40 seconds.


It’s a beautiful story and just goes to show, that dog really is man’s best friend.