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The secret is out. After much silence, the city of Arlington revealed its proposal to convince Amazon to build its much desired second headquarters within its borders. The Tuesday reveal came after city officials announced that it is was officially out of contention for being awarded the mega contract. Despite offering Amazon nearly one billion dollars in tax breaks and grants, the online retail giant passed over the shot at Arlington.

Although disappointed that Arlington lost out on the bid, Mayor Jeff Williams boasted about the potential of the site stating that the area has a great future in being a major player as a mixed-use district featuring a myriad of residential, commerce, and entertainment options. Tuesday’s announcement was the end to a process that began in September when Amazon solicited an unprecedented challenge to major metropolitan areas around the country to bid on the chance to house the new $5 billion facilities expected to employ more than 50,000 workers. The so-called HQ2 will be in addition to the company’s original headquarters located along Lake Union in Seattle, Washington.

Amazon revealed 20 finalists in January and the Dallas area made the cut. In order to protect the integrity of the process, Amazon asked that the proposals and the details surrounding the incentives be kept out of the public. However, Arlington officials made the decision to release the data following the news that the site was no longer in the running.

In addition to offering Amazon a 100 percent break of property taxes for the first decade of business, Arlington extended the company a land and infrastructure grant as well as various other tax breaks designed to make the offer more desirable.

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Not so fast, says Amazon. The online shopping giant announced Wednesday that is pushing the pause button on plans to build a skyscraper in downtown Seattle to house more employees. The pause in construction is being seen as a protest against the city of Seattle and its proposed tax to fund homeless programs. The proposed bill would tax large employers in Seattle in an effort to raise money to combat the growing homeless population problem.

Amazon spokesman Drew Herdener said that the company might decide to sub-lease existing space for its expansion rather than continue the plans for the new skyscraper. The new building had plans to house approximately 7,000 workers in its Rainier Square location.

Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant sees this as a political move by Amazon, accusing the company of “blackmail” to get out of paying the tax. Meanwhile, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is continuing to work to mediate the situation and find a common ground solution that would appease all involved. Proponents of the tax measure state that it is necessary in order to help control one of the country’s worst homeless problems.

Boasting a $1.6 billion profit last quarter, Amazon is believed to be in a unique position to help the community. As the target of social justice ire for its lack of assistance, Amazon’s jab is seen by many as being hostile and not conducive to the goals of the city. City economic officials are worried that the possible pullback by Amazon is a sign of the time to come, as it is no secret that the company is actively expanding its offices elsewhere around the nation including a well-publicized search for a second headquarters location.

If you follow up on business particularly the investment sector, you probably have come across the name Jeff Yastine. Jeff is a respected individual when it comes to investing. Over and over again, Jeff has continued to give tips here and there and many interested clients have gained great fortune at the end.

Well, for 2018, Jeff came up with the idea that mergers and acquisitions are the new investment platforms with a promising opportunity. For those who know Yastine and his experience in the field, placing the money is just a tap of a button. However, a few are willing to invest their money for 2018 but are yet to understand Yastine’s formulae.

First of all, investors have to understand that tax reform is playing a major role in understanding the strategy. The reform promises to bring down corporate tax rate to 21 percent as well loosen funds tied oversees. Secondly, Yastine takes into consideration the mood of American consumers. Currently, consumer spending is a one-month high. This trend has never been witnessed since the economy began shifting from recession about ten years ago.

The most crucial point to take home is understanding how corporations spend their dollars and that is usually defined by CEOs and their boards. Hence, judging from an M&A survey published by Deloitte Yastine strongly feel that mergers and acquisitions are the place to invest money in 2018.

According to the survey of interest, out of 1,000 executives in play, two-thirds stated they had an increase in revenue. To sweeten the deal, the two-thirds of the respondents hinted that they would use the cash to buy mergers and acquisitions which is a good message for those planning to listen to Jeff’s tactic.

Previous surveys have shown a large number of corporations seeking to place their money on organic investments or returning the money into business. Therefore, Yastine insists that investors should not hesitate after the fact that most of the corporations have hinted that their transactions will grow in number over the year. According to a report by Dealogic, the number of mergers and acquisitions had skyrocketed in 2017. Hence Jeff insists that investors should invest on individual stocks or exchange-traded funds then thank him later.

About Jeff Yastine

Jeff Yastine is a celebrated entrepreneur and his contributions to the investment sector has earned many of his clients’ great fortunes. Jeff schooled at the University of Florida where he earned a bachelor of arts in telecommunication (electronic journalism). Upon completing education, Jeff went ahead to seek employment and had a privilege of acquiring senior positions in various distinguished companies.

Until 2010, Jeff had an opportunity to work at PBS Nightly Business Report. The opportunity was a great milestone as he was in a position to interview great masterminds such as Richard Branson, Warren Buffet among many other successful individuals. His role at PBS saw him win a nomination for an Emmy for his excellence in availing reliable investment opportunities for clients. Today, Jeff works at Banyan Hill Publishing as an editorial director, a position that has seen him grab the attention of many clients as well as numerous awards.



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Amazon may choose Atlanta for the location of its second corporate headquarters, according to a recent report by GBH Insights. As explained by Business Insider, Amazon plans to invest $5 billion in its new 500,000-square-foot headquarters over the next 10 years, which will create an estimated 50,000 jobs.

Amazon has narrowed its selection down to 20 potential cities, including Atlanta, from an original pool of 238. While the online retailing giant hasn’t announced a selection yet, there’s strong evidence suggesting that it could be Atlanta.

After analyzing what they believe Amazon is looking for in the hometown of its new headquarters, GBH Insights researchers concluded that Atlanta is the most likely candidate, followed by Raleigh, Washington D.C., Boston and Austin. You may notice that all of these cities, with the exception of Austin, are located on the East Coast. Assuming Amazon chooses one of these cities, this will keep its new headquarters next to the country’s capital.

This isn’t the only report predicting that Amazon will choose Atlanta in which to build its new headquarters. Sperling’s Best Places also ranked the southern city as the leading contender.

Of course, countless other big-name companies already call Atlanta their home, including Coca-Cola, Delta, Newell Rubbermaid and Home Depot. One of the reasons Atlanta is such a popular choice for corporate headquarters is because of tax incentives. Furthermore, it has a relatively low cost of living when compared to other cities. With so many benefits, there’s a good chance that Amazon will construct its new headquarters in Atlanta.