The city of Clinton, IL came together to help rescue a family of ducks this past Tuesday. Just before 11 in the morning, a passerby heard some ducks quacking from a storm drain.

The good Samaritan alerted a nearby cop in hopes that they would have access to let the ducks free. Unfortunately, the grate from the storm drain can only be removed by a Clinton Public Works employee. After one arrived on the scene, they deemed it necessary to also be joined by an animal control officer, just in case the duck and ducklings were in need of any sort of medical attention.

With this group of animal lovers like Keith Mann and concerned citizens, the grate was removed, and a group of ducklings were seen darting quickly around their mother who sat calmly, waiting to be rescued. The animal control officer gently fished them out of the sewer with a net, and then released them in a nearby marsh that led to a creek where the family would be safe.

The group watched as the family waddled in a line, with the Mama Duck holding up the rear as she watched her ducklings happily enjoy their new found freedom. The city of Clinton came together to enjoy the spectacle and relish in the good news that spread through the city following the safe release.