March 5, 2015 · Arkansas, Good Deeds · 1 comment

However, I saw a story shared on Dr. Daniel Amen’s LinkedIn about a great police officer story out of Jonesboro, Arkansas. He gave a McDonald’s worker a ride home late at night. Region 8 News reports that this officer soon found that student James Taylor was without a vehicle. He had to walk 4 miles home to his apartment every night just in order to get to sleep. Officer John Shipman didn’t think that this was a great idea.

Shipman turned to social media to help James Taylor get a car. He started an online fundraiser, and it instantly gained a great deal of attention. Almost over night the online fundraiser helped to raise over 2,000 dollars for the James Taylor’s new car. Now that James Taylor has a car, he say’s that his life has changed. He is on his way to get his drivers license, and this will surely help him to excel in his life. There are many obstacles that James Taylor will have to overcome to get to his dreams, but the obstacle of transportation is not one of those that he will have to deal with anymore thanks to the help of officer John Shipman.