Austin’s light rail has been a popular mode of transportation for much of the northern parts of the city, although its limited range has not been accessible for the majority of the city’s population. This can all change with the new referendum that is being included on the November ballot. A new poll has been presented that shows that a possible expansion of the current rail system is vastly popular.

The new light rail route will run up and down central Austin along Guadalupe and North Lamar. This line will be especially useful for the tens of thousands of students at the University of Texas. The planned route will pass right by the university and transport passengers to the less expensive parts of the northern suburbs where the many students live. The new line will also benefit many business along Lamar and Guadalupe’s “The Drag” area.

All in all, the rail will reach up to 5.3 miles through central Austin. This new route will be part of an eventual city-wide transportation network that will help to cut down transportation in the downtown areas. Many Austin residents are well aware of this congestion problem, especially on the weekends when finding parking is near-impossible without having to pay high prices. The new transportation line will not only be economical in the long run, but also environmentally friendly.