October 2, 2016 · Baton Rouge Flood, Charity · (No comments)

Those who live in the Baton Rouge area of Louisiana have been overwhelmed with flooding recently. Several have lost their lives and thousands have been displaced and may have permanently lost their homes. One man, Christian Dornhorst, was not affected by the flooding but decided to spend his day giving back to those who were, according to the article posted on the Washington Post Online.

Dornhorst said that he got to work on Monday morning and felt in his heart that he needed to do something to help the flood victims. His boss let him take the day off to do so. He, along with his wife and daughter, went to their local Sam’s and purchased more than $850 worth of brisket. In fact, they bought all the brisket the store had available with their own funds. Then they got to work. By noon they had all the brisket in their smoker, but were still unsure where they could set up. A local business sent them in the direction of the Celtic Media Centre, a film studio where “True Blood”, “The Fantastic Four”, and other hits had been filmed. The studio was turned into a makeshift shelter for those displaced by the flood.

Dornhorst and his family served food to those at the shelter until every bit of what they brought was gone. The 108lbs of brisket that the family smoked was gone in just 20 minutes. Organizers for the shelter asked Dornhorst if he would be able to return the next day to help with relief efforts. He put in a request with his boss, and even asked if his company might sponsor the next round of brisket.