J.J. Watt has always been an individual who charted his own path in life. From the moment he entered the NFL, he has always shown an immense interest in giving back to the local community. As a star for the Houston Texans, he has become every bit as well known for his generosity as he has for his exploits on the playing field. He founded the J.J. Watt foundation in 2010, which has always been noted for going the extra mile to provide equipment for deserving middle schools and their after-school programs.

His most recent recipient was Horace Mann Junior High, located in Goose Creek CISD. He headed there on May 2nd to donate just under $10,000 worth of equipment to the basketball, soccer, and tennis and track teams. Being the fun-loving individual that he is, he also took some time to “shoot some hoops” with some of the young athletes there.

The school district took some time to share about the event to their facebook page. A smiling J.J. Watt is seen with some of the notable athletes associated with Horace Mann Junior High. Who knows? Perhaps one of them will grow up and become a professional athlete and give back to their community as well.

About the J.J. Watt Foundation

Since 2010, the J.J. Watt foundation has raised over $4 million and has not just distributed the funds to Houston area schools, but also schools all over the United States. Even though J.J. Watt has 394 career tackles and 76 career sacks, he realizes, in the end, those are just temporal things. Leaving behind a legacy of giving back to his community has always been something more important to him. The great thing is that J.J. Watt still has a number of years left to play in the NFL, so he is not done yet doing good for people. We can look forward to many more good years of him making a difference.