When it comes down to people that have a millionaire statuses there are lots of millionaires scattered throughout the United States. When it comes to people that are in the billionaire range, however, this is not quite as common.

Everyone knows that Seattle has a billionaire in place by the name of Bill Gates. When it comes to billionaires in the South, however, many people tend to overlook people in southern states because they may not be as engaged in the spotlight as someone else.

In fact, there are 10 billionaires that are connected to Atlanta, but many people may not even know that these Georgia billionaires exist. There are people like Bubba Cathy that have a net worth of 4.8 billion dollars and he is in Atlanta as the CEO of Chick-fil-A, but many people may not know that Georgia is home.

Sara Blakely, who is famous for Spanx, also moved away from her Clearwater home in Florida to make Atlanta home.

There are others that are more well-known like Ted Turner who is the Pioneer for TBS and CNN, and he is another resident that has made Atlanta home.

For years people have been calling Atlanta the Big Apple of the South. It should really come as no surprise that this is where a lot of billionaires are taking up homes. It really is easy for them to make expensive homes in Atlanta because there are so many areas that are still under development. The city continues to grow as an entertainment mecca as wooded areas have become areas for homes. It tends to bring a lot of celebrities to this city because people are even shooting movies in Atlanta.

There is even a bidding war to make Atlanta one of the Amazon headquarters because of all the growth.