Arthritis is a disease that has been causing the most cases of disabilities in the United States. Unlike what most people think, arthritis is not a single disease rather a term meaning joint pain or a joint disease. It existed in more than 100 types and affected more than 50 million adults in the United States. This disease has mostly been known to affect women (HealthGrades). Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, and it is described by the degeneration of cartilage where the soft tissue between joints wears out. Upon wearing out, the bones start rubbing against each other causing pain, swelling, and even stiffness. Repeated cartilage breakdown may ultimately lead to the pain becoming chronic. This may not have a cure, but there are various treatment options to manage it.

One may get this disease from several risk factors like excess weight, age, family history, or a previous injury. While the cure is not yet known, it is the patient to commit them to self-management. This can help in reducing the speed and possibility of the impact of the disease. The self-management process entails a series of various steps. These steps are inclusive of exercise, daily routine, and medical treatments. The daily routine may be a gentle exercise before bed or even right reading and sitting postures while the exercises may be low impact aerobic exercises. Cycling and even progressive strength gaining. The known medications are NSAIDS, topical analgesics, and acetaminophen. You may, however, have to consult your physician on the best one to work for you. In a situation where the medicines do not respond to the patient then they may consider surgical operations to save lives.

Osteo Relief Institute-Jersey Shore is well equipped with professionals and modern technology to help patients get back on their feet once more. They have advanced OA knee treatment that will help patients get proper treatment. This institute is run by the principle that every individual deserves a chance to try every option there is to avoid having to undergo a procedure. They charge no fee for introductory screening to find out if their treatment options could work for you.

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Seattle Genetic is part of the Puget Sound region cancer research community. The company is widening the use of Adcetris, its first drug, and introducing new drugs. The drug is mostly used to fight lymphomas and currently there are trials of the drugs in more cancer-treatment situations. Adcetris is being tested in various types of lymphomas, and the company is also conducting a trial of the drug for newly diagnosed and previously untreated Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Seattle Genetics’ ambitious plan for 12 more drugs, 100 more employees

The leading biotechnology company is about to try a drug called 33A which will be used for acute myeloid leukemia. The 33A will be an addition to the 12 drugs that the company has developed. Seattle has also developed a drug for breast cancer and two for bladder cancer. Adcetris is sold in the U.S and Canada, and the sales are expected to range between $255 M and $275M in 2016. The company which has over 800 employees is also said to be hiring 100 employees in the US, most of who will be in operations and 20 employees in the Switzerland’s office.

Seattle Genetics whose headquarters are in Bothell, Washington is committed to developing and commercializing therapies in oncology. It uses antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) technology to improve treatment and outcomes for people with cancer. The company was founded in 1998 and over the years it has had the following trials-: Non- Hodgkin Lymphoma, Hodgkin Lymphoma, Solid Tumors, Autoimmune Diseases and Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

The person behind the success of the company is Clay Siegall who is a co-founder. The company’s CEO and President is a graduate of the University of Maryland and holds a Ph.D. in Genetics from The George Washington University. He previously worked in National Cancer Institute, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and National Institute of Health. Currently, he is a Director of Mirna Therapeutics Inc and a board member of Alder Biopharmaceutical Inc. Clay was awarded 2012, Pacific Northwest Ernest and Young, Entrepreneur of the Year.