November 5, 2016 · Black Card · (No comments)

Billy McFarland is only 23 years old, yet he has accomplished more in a short span of years than most people accomplish in a lifetime. At the tender age of 13, he started a business that helped a local service company link to specific clients who actually needed the service offered.

As a freshman at Bucknell University, Billy started a company called Spling which allowed the improvement of a company’s URL by transforming it into a graphical mosaic, giving it more visibility and class. That company is still in business as McFarland is the CEO. Clients include Universal and Discovery.

According to The Guardian, Billy McFarland founded Magnises, a company geared toward millennials and their particular needs. The goal was to create a platform for social and business connections so that millennials can link up with one another, even though they might be in totally different fields, in a meaningful way.

The secret to the success of Magnises is The Black Card, a metal card that acts just like a debit or a credit card. Actually, The Black Card takes the data from the member’s regular card and stores it on its magnetic strip. It can then be used as the person’s debit or credit card. It then applies a hefty discount to hundreds of local venues where millennials like to hang out.

For just a $250 annual fee, millennials get to utilize a hefty price discount for restaurants, clubs, bars, travel services, fitness clubs, concerts and special events.

The Black Card and Magnises have become somewhat of a status symbol, as millennials now have a great way to get discounts and perks at their favorite venues, most of which they are using anyway.

Operating currently in New York City and Washington DC, Magnises is enjoying unprecedented success, as at the end of 2015 the company enjoyed the presence of over 10,000 members. With the receipt recently of a $3 million venture capital investment, McFarland is poised for a major expansion as more locations for the service is in the works.

Target cities are Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, and London. The business model is working very well, and it is time to send the love to millennials in these major metro areas as well, says Billy McFarland. The future looks to be a bright one and Magnises is the perfect way for millennials to connect while relaxing and using their preferred venues.