September 12, 2016 · Boston College, Murray, Stephen · (No comments)

When someone the stature of Stephen Murray passes away, it really hits home for a lot of people. He was not just an ordinary individual or the average run of the mill person. For one, he was President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital as well as being a philanthropist. Read more: Stephen P. Murray – President @ CCMP Capital Advisors

No matter what he was in charge of what he put his heart, body, and soul into it, he did it all the way. Like a great football player, he left it all on the field. People can recognize that and they take their cue from that and see the way business is supposed to be done.

For Stephen Murray, much like anyone that is successful, he had to start at college. He was a strong believer in the power of education. He always tried to preach that to anyone and everyone that he encountered, especially young teens.

Stephen knew it could make a difference in their lives and impact them well into the future. After all, he saw what it did for him, and he was living proof of what a good education can do for you. His education started in 1984 at the great Boston College where he received a degree in economics.

From there, he was not finished with his education, as Stephen Murray wanted to get a master’s degree. He always felt that the more you learn and the more you know, the better prepared you will be for future situations that come your way in life.

These are educators that have knowledge to give, and Stephen was like a sponge. He never was afraid to ask questions, stay after class, and get as much information as possible.

His master’s degree was from Columbia Business School in business administrator. He wanted to be the best at business so he could learn the inner workings of how it all gets done.

Stephen Murray also, as mentioned, was never shy about giving back. He remembered the people that helped him along the way, which is why he gave back to Boston College as that was such a big part of the man he became.

He also gave back to Make-A-Wish in Metro New York. He knew the difference this could make in someone’s life that was going through a hard time. Everyone he helped and encountered, they remembered him and never forgot him. That is the true measure of any person.