The US city of Boston, Massachusetts was established in 1630, almost 400 years ago. It is currently the State Capital and largest city in what is still called the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Boston played an important role in the early history of the US, and to this day is a thriving city as an international metropolis for higher education. Boston is ranked among the top thirty most economically efficient cities in the world.
The Boston Police Department is first police department officially formed in the US, since 1838, continues a reputation for admirable execution of duty in many law enforcement situations. In the 1990’s, the Boston Police re-established an old tradition called the “Walk & Talk” strategy. Police officers, typically assigned to patrol cars, walk an area for at least 45 minutes, per their shift. The “friendly” patrol and other programs extended by a foot patrol have proven to be successful in these Boston neighborhoods.
Recently, the Boston Police Department asked for volunteers from their police force to wear bodycams, as part of the uniform. No one has volunteered, so in order to make this new program work, the Police Commissioner will be randomly assigning body cameras to 100 men and women currently serving in the Force. The six-month experimental program is set to begin September 1, 2016. Not a popular program with the Police Department as a group, the action is in response to the police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri in 2015.
The purpose of recording encounters between police and the public will be used as a tool for the Boston Police to continue their work in the communities. The program will only be valid if there is an assorted group of officers, with assorted levels of experience from various districts and specialized departments, such as gang units. According to an agreement with the patrolmen’s union, each Boston officer agreeing to wear the bodycam will receive a $500 bonus after completing the six-month program.