After 50 years apart nine siblings came together in the town of Branson Missouri for an unexpectedly C. They were previously unable to meet due to military service, and after spending the majority of their lives apart the brothers and sisters wanted to do something together despite the distance between them. Prior to the reunion, they decided to celebrate the life of their mother by participating in a group effort to lose weight and be more healthy. As the challenge progressed more and more of the family became involved, with kids and even grandkids joining in. Together they decided that for every pound they collectively lost, they would donate ten dollars to a charity that provided food for the needy.

When deciding on where to have their reunion they chose the town of Branson, where they found the Christian Action Ministries. In an interview with Representative Ann Marie Temple at she stated that the organization relies “on the generosity of friends locally and regionally” to sustain their efforts in providing food for the less fortunate in Taney County. After they contacted the ministry with their plan the Branson Tourism Center caught wind of their idea and decided to match 1000 dollars of their contribution. Having lost 250 pounds the family was able to raise 2850 for the food pantry, bringing the total donation to 3850 dollars.

Their generosity will help to feed over 500 people in the region. In an uncertain economy, slipping into poverty is easier than many like to believe. An accident or sudden health issues can leave families already strapped with debt unable to provide even the basic necessities. Through the years communities have proved that in times like these people will come together in support of those in need. By celebrating the life of their mother this family has proven the impact that everyday people can have on the lives of others.