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Rodrigo Terpins is a participant and a Bull Sertoes Rally team and a Brazilian national. He is also a brother to a well-known and successful rally driver Michel Terpins. At the age of 44, Terpins had accomplished five Sertoes rally in the program. Having born in a sporting family, he started his sporting at a young age. His father was a basketball player and head of the Maccabi Latin American Confederation and the Latin American Jewish council.

His family’s excellence was his motivation that intensified his desire to pursue rally riding. He became famous in Brazil in off-road rally driving continually defeating his opponents from one race to another. The 22nd edition marked the longest cross-country race in Brazil. It comprised of 2600 kilometers, two states, and seven stages. Due to some challenges, only few Sertoes Rally contestants managed to appear among the top five among them the competitors of Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Among the 38 competitors, Fabricio Bianchini and Rodrigo Terpins held the 8th position under the T1 categories which he mentioned keeps him on the team.

Terpins believes in willpower and steadiness just like his brother as the pillar of remarkable racing careers. He has occasionally got interviewed on Brazillian media where he expressed how he treasures his past contests since they determine his present and future performances.

Apart from being a sportsman, Rodrigo Terpins also owns media accounts that help him keep up with the changing technological times. They are on sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Tumbler through which he builds and maintains an excellent reputation as well as interact with his fans. He also has a personal website showing his latest interviews and full details of his life. Visit LinkedIn to see more.

He did not participate in the recent Cuesta competition but vows not to miss out in the next season together with his brother to deliver a win. Apart from being passionate about his sports career, he cares for his family and wants to establish a balance between the two to be happy in both worlds. The dedication that he exudes in all that he does has enabled him to succeed.

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