Homeless people in Philadelphia are getting free haircuts thanks to generous stylists. Philadelphia barber Brennan Jones says he will cut as many homeless people’s hair as he can in 2017. Jones, who relocated to West Philadelphia from Chester in 2016, says he was inspired to give back to homeless people by providing something besides spare change.


Jones created a #Haircuts4TheHomeless social media campaign in 2016 and raised funds for his haircutting project through crowdsourcing. He raised $2,755 through his GoFundMe campaign, through which he had a goal of raising $1,000. Jones uses the donations to provide haircuts, a light lunch, and toiletries to the homeless people of Philadelphia. When he sees someone on the streets who looks like they could use a haircut, Jones offers.


Jones’ idea has sparked other Philadelphia hairstylists to give free haircuts to homeless people on the streets. On his crowdfunding page, he encourages people to donate their time as well as their money. There are a lot of people on the streets of Philadelphia and around the globe who are passed by and ignored every day.


Another Philadelphia stylist, Lolly Galvin, also gives haircuts to people on the streets through her project Philly Street Cuts. Galvin says that by cutting people’s hair on the streets where everybody typically walks by and ignores homeless people, she wants to demonstrate that a small act of humanity can change a person’s life in a simple way.


A simple act of giving a homeless person a haircut can help that person feel more dignity and pride. Research also shows that people are more likely to give a job to a homeless person who is well-groomed. If a haircut can help get someone off the streets, then cities everywhere can benefit from stylists who are willing to give free haircuts to the homeless.