December 5, 2017 · Broadway Junction · (No comments)

Broadway Junction is a well-known transit hub to those who traverse throughout Brooklyn. It lies between six neighborhoods—Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brownsville, Oceanhill, Bushwick, Cypress Hills and East New York. The station links 6 train lines together—the L, J, M, Z, C and A. Outside of the station, on the ground level, there are a bunch of bus lines and a Long Island Railroad stop.

City officials are making plans and taking actions to beautify Broadway Junction and develop the area around it. The transit hub has not been renovated in decades, and it has a very dark, outdated, dingy appearance. The surrounding area is industrial, and there is not much there in terms of local businesses and amenities. Broadway Junction lies in an area that is predominately African American, and most of the people are working class and poor.

As more and more people from all walks of life move to New York City, housing and amenities are in demand. City officials want to develop the area around Broadway Junction by building stores, gyms, office complexes, restaurants and other types of places that offer a variety of amenities. Right now, the area consists of streets strewn with trash, pan handlers, barbed wire fences, residential buildings, industrial areas, not many stores and not many venues–if any.

Some residents worry that rebuilding this area will lead to gentrification that will push out lower income residents. People with this view believe that the area is for poorer people, and that making it glitzier and bringing wealthier elements in will make the place unaffordable. Some residents are more optimistic about the proposed development, saying that they look forward to seeing their neighborhoods renovated. People with this view are excited by the idea of there being more amenities and updated infrastructures in their neighborhoods.