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Real estate is one of the oldest forms of investment still active in the world today. One of the most popular methods of real estate investment involves purchasing your real estate but having a separate entity handle the management of these properties in your place. This is where a company such as Telereal Trillium comes in. Telereal Trillium LTD is a commercial property management company based out of central London ( It is the company which manages much of Londons publicly owned propoerties like Job centers for the Department for Work and Pensions.

Graham Edward is the current CEO, or Cheif Executive Officer, of Telereal Trillium LTD. He was first promoted to Cheif Executive Officer in 2001 where his first major decision was the transfer of nearly 2.5 billion pounds worth of property from B Pears Trust to Trillium. A total of over 6,700 properties were transferred in this deal initiated by Graham Edward. One of the key features of this deal was the ability for the gradual Vacating of the properties involved. This gave BT the flexibility to initiate a deal this large without too much fallout or negative consequences. This also allowed Trillium to begin reinvesting in some of these properties development leading to a resurgence in property valuations.

This was followed by the 2009 decision which led to the acquiring of Trillium from Land Securities Group creating a business empire with over 1 billion pounds in annual revenue.

Graham Edward first began his career in business studying Economics at Cambridge University. From there he went on to become a fund manager for Merril Lynch. During his time as a Fund Manager for Merril Lynch, he focused on real estate fund management a move that provided him with the experience necessary to later on go and run one of the largest commercial property management companies in the world.

As Graham Edward continues to lead Telereal Trillium it seems almost certain that he will consolidate the culture of growth he has spent so years cultivating. It is difficult to find a company in the commercial real estate world that has experience as explosive of growth as Trillium has under the wise management and leadership of Graham Edward.