For most parents, a child’s graduation is a time to party. You and your child both survived high school! This means, after first releasing the obligatory sigh of relief, digging in to a sugary piece of the celebratory cake. At least, that was the plan for one proud South Carolina mom. There was just one small problem; her son, senior Jacob Koscinski, was graduating with his school’s highest honors. His grade-point average, a lofty 4.79, earned Jacob the Summa Cum Laude distinction.

Jacob’s mom, Cara Koscinski, didn’t think twice about ringing her local grocery store in Charleston, South Carolina and requesting a cake with the Latin title, a common distinction awarded to high-achieving graduates around the world. The store, a part of the Publix chain of grocers spread across the south eastern United States, had other ideas. The bakery department at Publix believed the usage of the term “cum” to be too offensive for a cake, replacing the Latin word with a series of dashes.

Cara Koscinksi was not informed of the change and, having sent someone else to retrieve the cake, wasn’t even aware her message had been censored until presenting the cake to her son. Jacob and his family, according to the surprised mom, eventually found the humor in the situation but not before a few awkward conversations with those family members who were not aware of the term’s lewd double-meaning.

Publix, a beloved grocery chain in South Carolina, was willing to admit its mistake after Cara filed a complaint. The store refunded the Koscinski family the full cost of the cake, and Jacob is certain not to forget how controversial his achievement was.