California’s Senate race is not living up to voters’ expectations. The contest is a battle for the most coveted elective office in the state. The winning candidate is set to replace retiring Democrat Barbara Boxer. In the past, the state of California has had many memorable Senate face-offs. The most notable ones include the Dianne Feinstein-Mike Huffington and Jerry Brown-Pete Watson race. This year’s race to the Senate office is poised between Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez.


Harris is a former San Francisco district attorney. Sanchez is a two-decade Orange County congresswoman. Harris has been leading the race with an average of 13 percent points in every poll. The interesting fact is that both candidates are Democrats. A recent survey conducted among the state’s residents concluded that 42 percent of the Republicans would not bother to vote.


Harris and Sanchez held their general election debate last week at Cal State, Los Angeles. The debate was too regimented. The moderators were at fault for trying to cram in many questions. Therefore, the candidates had less time to reply to the issues raised. Many of the viewers were frustrated by the fact that the channel airing the debate was more concerned with keeping on schedule instead of drawing out substance from the candidates.


The debate was aired the same time as the San Francisco Giants wild-card playoff game. The unfortunate timing led to few people watching the debate. The contest was funny when Sanchez exhibited a hip hop “dab” move. The contest was boring because both candidates were boring. Sanchez is a nonconformist. Her counterpart is overly cautious. Both candidates had minor differences on policies because they are both Democrats. Another reason why the Senate debate did not sparkle is that the Presidential race is consuming all the political oxygen. Moreover, there are more serious propositions on the ballot that made the contest a shadow of what it should have been. One can conclude that the race for the California Senate office is dull because the national political parties are not interested. The winner will be a Democrat in the end.