September 25, 2016 · California Wildfires Force · (No comments)

California Wildfires Force Thousands to Evacuate to Los Angeles

The west coast, specifically California, continues to be plagued by raging wildfires.

One of the many fires going on right now has proven problematic enough that it has forced the evacuation of some 82,000 people living just east of Los Angeles. The fire broke out on Tuesday in the mountain area and moved fast enough to torch 15,000 acres of land in the process. Making things worse is the fact that several thousand homes are in jeopardy of being consumed or damaged by the fire also.

The blaze, now named the “Bluecut” fire has also resulted in a state of emergency being declared, spreading easily through the dry canyons in the San Bernandino, having destroyed several buildings. The fire has been described by representatives from the U.S. Forest Service as very fast moving.

California Governor Jerry Brown has already requested federal assistance to deal with the blaze that seems to keep growing. In terms of how problematic it has been, the fire has already forced a portion of Interstate 15 to shut down, which is the main road that connects Los Angeles to Las Vegas. In addition to everything else, the fire is now starting to spread in the direction of the Mojave Desert.

An estimated 700 firefighters are working right now to manage the blaze, though the exact cause is still a mystery. Several other communities, such as the Wrightwood ski resort and desert town of Phelan were among those that also had to evacuate the area. One such rancher who was interviewed said the fire made it appear as though it were raining ash.