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Kill Bill Vol. 2 might one day rise higher on the list of the best films made by the duo of Quentin Tarantino and Lawrence Bender. Kill Bill Vol. 1, Pulp Fiction, and Reservoir Dogs seem to possess a higher level of popularity among fans. The dialogue-heavy nature of Kill Bill Vol. 2 somewhat harms the film when comparing to other projects in the duo’s combined resume. Lawrence Bender also had a hand in making the Academy Award-winning An Inconvenient Truth. Bender also produced quite a number of solid television projects. When a producer’s career biography features so many different award winners and fan favorites, excellent minor works fade somewhat into the background.

To call Kill Bill Vol. 2 a minor film, however, would be an unfair assessment. The attraction to this second part in the Kill Bill series is the character development. In the first part, audiences are introduced to The Bride and her mission. The action-heavy nature of the first film leads fans to follow her down a path of revenge. That path of revenge continues in the second film, but some of the action shifts to the backstory of how The Bride became a martial arts expert and trained assassin.

The training sequences in which The Bride bonds with the legendary martial arts master Pai Mei adds further depth to the character. Audiences gain more sympathy for her plight after seeing the more vulnerable and human side of The Bride. Had the film not contained the training sequence and focused on more action, Kill Bill Vol. 2 could have come off as a weak follow-up to the first entry.

The revelation of the full relationship between The Bride and Bill goes beyond a confrontation and clash. This adds to the drama necessary to make the final confrontation meaningful.

The right talent behind the camera factors quite a bit into whether a film rises to the level of art. Lawrence Bender can point to Oscar, BAFTA, and Film Independent Spirit award wins and nominations as proof of his talent. Such artistic talent allowed Lawrence Bender to work with Tarantino to effectively develop outstanding films such as Kill Bill Vol. 2.

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One of the most eagerly anticipated scripted reality shows of recent years, “Queens Of Drama” brings together some of the best known faces from the world of daytime soap operas in a bid to relaunch this form of entertainment. “Queens Of Drama” includes a cast made up of actresses known for creating many of the best loved and most hated characters ever to appear in the U.S. soap opera genre. One of the major stars of this reality show is Donna Mills, who creates a fictional persona for herself as the leader of the newly created production company.

Crystal Hunt provides a good example of the high standard of the stars appearing in the show, particularly as she played one of the most iconic roles in the recent years of the soap opera genre. Hunt had already found fame as a star of “Guiding Light” when she switched to “One Life To Live” with the character of Stacy Morasco, an exotic dancer who took one of the most entertaining character arcs of recent memory. On “Queens Of Drama” Metacritic reviewers say that Crystal Hunt plays a version of herself that is partially based upon the characters she played in soap operas and her own public image.

There is more to the life and work of Crystal Hunt than simply her persona as a soap opera actress. Instead, Hunt has looked to embark on a career that has switched focus to the big screen with roles in movies including “Magic Mike XXL”, and a producer credit on the movie “Talbot County”. Her smart business sense has also led Crystal Hunt away from her acting career to a new role as a business executive for her own pet boutique in Florida.

Crystal Hunt will come face to face with some of the most iconic stars of the soap opera genre in her new role on “Queens Of Drama”. As the actors look to develop their own soap opera they will draw assistance and inspiration from iconic figures like former “Dynasty” star Joan Collins.

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Sergio Cortes is capturing the imaginations of many fans around the world from Brazil with his impersonation of Michael Jackson. If there is anything that is needed, it is a passion to do what is needed. Sergio Cortes has that passion. One thing that compels a person to succeed at what he wants is passion. If one is passionate about something, he is going to spend a lot of time pursuing what it is he is passionate about. He is going to take the time studying and learning about the object of his passion. Then when he has mastered enough about his passion, then he is ready to capitalize on it and make a career.

Sergio Cortes is very passionate not just about Michael Jackson, but impersonating Michael Jackson. He was one of the biggest fans of the star when he made tons of amazing works for the audience to enjoy. Like many others who have experienced his tours, he was amazed by the dance moves and the creativity that went into the work being done for the performances. He got to enjoy many of the performances, the albums, the history and other aspects of Michael Jackson that made him what he is, and then he became that.

He has listened to and studied every song of every album that Michael Jackson has produced. He has looked at every era of late star. He has practiced all of the moves and has utilized every bit of creativity and passion in order to bring the late performer back to life. With all of the practice that he has put into his craft, it is only expected that he actually becomes Michael Jackson. If one asks him to perform any song created by Michael Jackson, he would manage it very well. He could also sing any song in the style of Michael Jackson.

Even though Sergio Cortes is impersonating someone else, his real talent is in the impersonation. His ability to capture every bit of essence of someone that he is impersonating speaks volumes of his talent. While there are many copycats that try to imitate the great stars but fall flat, very few take it to a new level like Sergio Cortes did. Many people are not just excited to see Michael Jackson performing, but they are also curious about the man behind the resurrection of late musical icon, Michael Jackson.

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One cannot help but wonder how one of the most iconic performers of the late 20th Century would have looked like had he not gone through uncountable plastic surgery procedures. That put aside, there is one individual who continues to amaze the world with his striking semblance that has many of the millions of MJ enthusiasts in awe. Sergio Cortes is a man of Spanish origin and thus has no hereditary linkages with the King of Pop who was born to a musically endowed African American family.

It is common to find entertainers mimic Michael Jackson signature dance moves with great finesse. However, it is nigh impossible to expect one to have the looks, liquid dance moves and vocal cords that defined Michael Jacksons. Sergio Cortes as with any MJ impersonator is the pop icon’s most loyal fan. Born in Spain, Cortes was introduced to MJ at a tender age by his mother who similarly adores MJ to a great extent. He stands out from other Michael Jackson impressionists in that he can also sing like the fallen icon and most importantly, looks like him to the most intricate of detail.

As such, rumor has it that a photographer approached him once in Barcelona and asked him to pose for pictures as MJ’s double. Magazine and newspaper publishers all over Spain were so amazed at his resemblance to the King of Pop that Sergio became an overnight sensation. Not only did he exhibit Michaels’ looks but his physique as well. Over the years, he has trained immensely to closely match his vocals to those of MJ. Being a naturally endowed dancer, Sergio worked effortlessly to be as fluid as Michael Jackson. To date, there is no one else in the world who keeps the millions of Michael Jackson fans excited as Sergio Corte.

It is important to note that Sergio Cortes has his own entertainment group complete with backup singers, dancers and a live band. Sergio and his group travel all over the globe offering MJ’s countless fans, an opportunity to see MJ alive again. His live performances are exquisitely prepared to detail to ensure that all the visual and audio effects enable fans relive the good old days when Michael Jackson actively performed on stage. If there is ever to be a movie on MJ’s life, Sergio Cortes would undoubtedly be MJ’s perfect double.