Who is Stream Energy and What is Stream Cares?

Stream Energy knows that giving back to the community and helping others is rewarding in many ways. This is why they recently announced that they had developed a new philanthropic foundation called Stream Cares. Let’s take a more in-depth look at the company, this new foundation Stream Cares, and their previous philanthropy efforts.

Who is Stream Energy?

Stream Energy is a direct sales energy company whose employees work for commissions from sales. The company was founded in 2005 with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since their inception, the company has generated more than in $8 billion in revenue. The company currently offers not just energy services but also wireless, home, and protective services aimed at customers with on the go lifestyles. The services offered by the company are available not only in Texas but also Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Georgia, and Washington D.C.

What is Stream Cares?

Stream Cares is a philanthropic foundation created by the team at Stream Energy. Through Stream Cares the company and their employees hope to bring a change and help families not just in Texas but across the United States in the years to come. Stream Cares is a natural addition to the existing philanthropic nature of the company and its employees.

Previous Philanthropic Efforts

The philanthropic and charitable deeds by those at Stream Energy to date have included but are not limited to the following.

  • Through the organization known as the Hope Supply Co they have helped homeless children and families in northern Texas.
  • After several tornadoes devastated communities in the area they worked with the Salvation Army to raise thousands of dollars to help the recovery efforts.
  • They co-hosted an experience for young girls in veteran households called the American Girl Doll Experience. The company covered the costs of dolls and lunch for ten girls at the American Girl Cafe.


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Education is something that’s value can not be understated. A well-educated adult can create opportunities for themselves that are unavailable to those without it. That is why the achievement gap found when comparing low-income houses to their wealthier counterparts is something that cannot continue to exist. Rocketship Education is a nonprofit that has made its mission to address this devastating occurrence. It is their hope that they can develop a sustainable program that eliminates this achievement gap in our lifetime. Their innovative strategies have led them to be in the top 10% of California schools serving low-income areas. They operate in 3 different states as well as the District of Columbia.

A great program is built from the bottom up brick by brick. For Rocketship Education the foundation of their success is hiring the best staff available. In order to find the most qualified instructors, they search the applicant pool only considering those with a strong background in the STEM fields and humanities. From there they provide quality training, ensuring that each instructor is able to provide the careful and thoughtful educational experience that Rocketship is known for. Once the instructor has students, or rocketeers, of their own they are required to visit each student’s home at least once. This requirement ensures that every parent feels like their child’s teacher is accessible as well as committed. It also allows the teacher a unique ability to discuss a child’s needs. With parent, support Rocketship believes that every rocketeer can take off

Natural disasters impact economically stretched communities the hardest. Families that already struggle to make end’s meat suddenly see all their possession and home destroyed. After such a loss it can become difficult to impossible for parents to continue working much less prioritize their child’s education. The family can easily become homeless when they are unable to supply security deposits on new housing. Seeing something like that threatening the education of their students Rocketship Education was compelled to act. Working with local nonprofit charities the organization was able to raise $62,000 to go towards helping families rebuild their lives.


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For many years now, civil, migrant and human rights have always been abused by people in power and those who have money. Such people do so because they tend to think they are above the law or they can buy their freedom whenever the issue is in the limelight.

That is why groups advocating for such rights have come up to ensure that we all live in a world full of justice, equality, and humanity. There are many of these and below are just but a few of such foundations which are at the front line of ensuring the maintenance of civic, migrant and human rights.

Larkin and lacey Frontera fund

For many years now, the Larkin and Lacey Frontera fund is known to be always at the forefront when it comes to making sure that justice and equality prevail through fortification of the rights. This non-profit organization began as a result of a won lawsuit by two journalists, namely; Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin.

It all started when the duo was falsely accused and arrested by the then sheriff of Maricopa, Joe Arpaio. They were later released after the public took to the streets to protest against the arrest. The sheriff had made the arrest as a strategy to prevent the journalist from uncovering his dirty business which involved illegal detainment of the Arizona migrants.

After their release, the two immediately filed a lawsuit which they won in October 2007. Instead of using the money to their benefit, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey started the foundation which we now see today. This they did after seeing how deep the migrant problem in Arizona was. Through the group, they can ensure humane treatment of all the migrants most notably the Mexican who are there in large numbers.

They also go out of their way to support other groups which are also on a similar path through funding such as La Linea Fronteriza and many others. Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is based in Phoenix Arizona and mainly relies on donations from well-wishers, charity events and membership fees to be able to carry out its activities.

United Nations Human Rights Committee

In a bid to ensure that the world is a better place for everyone, the United Nations formed this body to precisely oversee the civic, human and political rights of the member states.

Each state has to present a report on how it’s ensuring the implementation of the rights during the meetings held thrice in a year. The issues that may have come up are addressed and a solution brought to table.

Committee on elimination of racial discrimination

As the human race, we are blessed to be people with different colors and from different countries. However, some people tend to maltreat others simply because of their race that is why ICERD was formed. It is an independent body which works to ensure that everyone is treated equally irrespective of where they come from or the color of their skin.

The members provide a report during the conventions held annually on the measures they have put in place to make sure that they eliminate racial discrimination and recommendations on how to make the guidelines more efficient are also made.

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The Frontera Fund and Front Page Confidential – The Result of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin’s Fight Against Injustice

Before becoming the owners of Front Page Confidential, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin owned Village Voice Media, a giant in the newspaper industry, producing over a dozen publications. They operated newspapers all over the country, but it was in Arizona, the place they called home, that the Phoenix New Times became the most notorious name under the Village Voice Media banner.

Joe Arpaio was their medium to notoriety. Arpaio was terrorizing Maricopa County as its Sheriff, arresting individuals for no lawful reason. He was especially critical of Hispanics, exhibiting his nationalist mentality. Eventually, Arpaio was put in his place by a judge when he was ordered to stop enforcing immigration law and targeting Hispanics. Arpaio ignored these orders resulting in a criminal contempt of court charge. Donald Trump pardoned Arpaio, aligning his views with Arpaio and in turn, Arpaio’s supporters.

Front Page Confidential knows about this. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin spoke about Trump’s political agenda in regards to Joe Arpaio’s pardoning with their former newspaper, Phoenix New Times.

Joe Arpaio isn’t the only person on the minds of Lacey and Larkin. John McCain, Orrin Hatch, and Paul Ryan are also frequent targets of Front Page Confidential. However, as Paul Ryan has announced he will not seek re-election, he is no longer a problem for the people of America.

Another creation coming from Lacey and Larkin is The Frontera Fund, an organization that takes their efforts to another level. The Frontera Fund helps Hispanics directly, offering them educational support and other services via partnerships with other charities.


As most Americans prepare to sit down for a big Thanksgiving meal, there are thousands of Americans that are wondering where their next meal will be coming from and when, says spokespeople with Feeding America, the nation’s largest food bank program which operates over 200 food banks across the United States.
These food banks hope that donors will remember them throughout the year. Most food banks can provide between two and eight meals on a single dollar. Since the donations are often matched by corporations, an article in The Eater points out that the best way to help feed the hungry is to give cash.
One of the largest of the food banks is located in Houston, Texas. This food bank operates over 200 feeding centers throughout Southwest Texas. This food bank feeds over 800,000 people each year with plans to grow to feeding over 1 million in the next two years as the problem continues to expand.
The Salvation Army recently kicked off their Red Kettle Campaign in most American cities. For over 125 years, this organization has been feeding America’s homeless.
The idea for the Salvation Army’s red kettles began in 1891 when a Salvation Army Captain wanted to feed 1,000 of San Francisco’s poorest residents but lacked the funds to do it. He hit on the idea of putting a kettle near the city’s port. He began to gather contributions and was soon able to feed the residents a festive Christmas dinner.
From that humble beginning, the idea spread to the Boston area before eventually spreading throughout the United States. Each year, Americans contribute about $136 million annually. The annual campaign runs from early November to Christmas Eve.