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Rocketship Education is a net of charter schools based in Redwood, California. This organization is a non-profit institution that was founded by John Danner and his partner, Preston Smith, in 2007. Rocketship Education currently operates more than sixteen schools in parts of Concord California, San Jose, Nashville, Washington D.C, Milwaukee, and Red Wood City.

About Rocketship Education

In its attempt to expand, Rocketship Education recently acquired a 25,000 square-foot newspaper office in Cavallo Road, Antioch, to construct a school for students from grades K to 5. This property was acquired at $1.5 million. In a press release to announce the acquisition of this property, Rocketship Education revealed that it plans to open other facilities in Washington D.C later in the year. This non-profit organization provides free education to children living in poor neighborhoods. Aside from low-income families, Rocketship Education is open to children from other districts.

According to Elise Hill, the foundations marketing manager, all children deserve better schools. Studies conducted by Rocketship Education indicate that low-income regions attract minimal tax revenue and this significantly affects education funding. This, in turn, interferes with the students’ performance. For this reason, Rocketship Education is committed to raising the bars of education higher to meet the required threshold. This foundation has received recognition for striving to improve their students’ test scores.

Parents’ involvement in the management of charter schools

Rocketship Education works in collaboration with the parents when it comes to selecting suitable teachers to teach at the charter schools. This exercise is carried out weeks before classes resume. This activity has been going on since the establishment of these schools. Rocketship Education adopted this practice to ensure that parents are actively involved in the welfare of their children. Reviews from “The Post” show that parents are usually eager to candidates applying for various posts in the schools. This practice is not new and other schools, such as the Los Angeles Unified School District, have been practicing this activity since the early 90s. Aside from hiring teachers, parents also get to inspect ongoing construction to ensure that things are going as planned. This kind of relationship is what makes management of Rocketship Education easy.