June 11, 2018 · Chicago Bulls · (No comments)

Prior to the 2017-18 NBA season, nobody expected the Chicago Bulls would be very competitive. During the prior offseason, the team ended up getting rid of a number of marquee players including Jimmy Butler who previously was the face of the franchise. While the Bulls looked like they would not be very good, they ended up doing better than many people thought and there is now plenty of reason for optimism for the future.


While the Bulls had an okay offseason the prior year and were able to surprise some people during the season, they are now looking to this offseason to figure out ways that they can improve their roster. Currently, there are several different players that they are considering during free agency. However, even if they are able to land some of these top free agents, it appears that the whole rebuilding process could take at least a few years to complete (https://pippenainteasy.com/2018/05/26/how-long-will-the-chicago-bulls-rebuild-take/).


This offseason, much of the focus will be on securing their cornerstone players for the coming years. One of their top players that they fill focus on is Zack Lavine. The Bulls previously traded for Lavine last year when they got rid of Jimmy Butler. However, now that Lavine is ready to come back and play full time, he finally appears ready to commit to the future. To ensure this happens, the Bulls will need to be able to work out a long-term extension for him.


Beyond signing Lavine, the Bulls will also target a few other free agents during the offseason. Since it is unlikely that any top tier players will come their way, they could still look to get some quality role players. One player they are considering going after is Julius Randle who has shown the ability to score and rebound from the inside.