There are big happenings going on with the Chicago skyline in the future according to plans released to the public on Tuesday.


Developer Related Midwest unveiled its proposal to turn 2.2 acres at 400 N. Lake Shore Drive into a gleaming two-tower complex that will transform the Chicago skyline. The towers will house condos and a hotel and will also feature an addition to the popular Riverwalk pedestrian walkway. The cascading silhouettes will boast dramatic and sweeping views of Lake Michigan and the entire downtown Chicago area, drawing organically from the area where the mouth of the Chicago River meets the majestic lake and converges with the existing skyscrapers.


The tallest of the towers will be the south tower, rising to a height of 1,100 feet and housing a 175-room upscale hotel on the lower floors with 300 separate condo units on the upper floors. The smaller north tower will be 850 feet tall and will feature 550 rental units, according to Curt Bailey, the president of Related Midwest. To shield residents and visitors from the harsh Chicago winter weather, the two towers will be connected by an enclosed ground floor atrium. Parking concerns will be addressed with an underground parking garage.


Related Midwest has also been charged with the Riverwalk extension. As part of the plan, the long-awaited DuSable Park will be brought to fruition, with Related Midwest chipping in $10 million to the park’s construction. Between the two towers, the Riverwalk expansion, and the park construction, the area surrounding the Streeterville neighborhood will be enhanced dramatically, further cementing downtown Chicago’s place as a premier global destination.


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In May of 1995, Thomas Sierra, then 19 years old was convicted for a murder he did not commit. He is one of over 50 people who claim to have been set up by one police officer, a retired police detective named Reynaldo Guevara. Even though he filed a petition for a retrial 15 years ago, Sierra, now 44, completed the entire 2 decades long sentence and was released from prison back in November of 2017. He served on house arrest until this past Tuesday when he was cleared of all charges.

The night of the crime Noel Andujar was shot to death by a gunmen driving a tricked out Buick Park Avenue in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago. A key witness to I.D. Sierra at the scene of the crime has since been recorded both in court and on several official statements claiming that Guevara coerced him to do so even after initially admitting to the detective that he only positive about the car and not about shooter. The Detective had tried to place Sierra at the scene of the crime by linking him to a similar car belonging to a friend, even though witnesses made statements denying it was the same as the one used by the shooter.

James Obbish, a Chicago based Judge cleared two additional defendants of charges last month in other murder cases the crooked cop was involved with. The men both claiming that he beat them into the signing of their false murder confessions. Over a dozen more defendants are awaiting their cases to be review in hopes of having the charges cleared.

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The Chicago Bears are one of the most historic franchises in the NFL. The team is very well known for its history of having dominating defenses and winning a number of World Championships. While the team has a strong history, they have struggled over the past decade and have not been able to maintain an identity. During the 2017 season, the team did look like it took a bit of a step forward, but ultimately was only able to win 5 games while losing 11. After the season ended, the team ended up firing their head coach, John Fox.

Now that the 2017 season is over, the Bears are looking for ways to move forward. Shortly after the regular season ended, the team ended up hiring a new head coach in Matt Nagy ( Matt Nagy was previously the offensive coordinator with the Kansas City Chiefs. He had spent the past ten years working for Andy Reid, for both a member of the Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles.

While this will be the first time that Nagy has been a head coach in the NFL, there are many reasons why the team was attracted to him as a coach. The 39 year old coach was previously tasked with turning around the career of quarterback Alex Smith. Alex Smith was previously a number one overall draft pick with the San Francisco 49ers. However, he struggled to turn into the quarterback that many people thought he could be. After spending the first five years of his career with the 49ers, he was ultimately traded to the Chiefs.

This makes Nagy a great fit for the Bears as they recently drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the number two overall pick before the 2017 season. While Trubisky did show some signs of promise, he is a very raw talent that needs a lot of direction and coaching. The Bears are hopeful that Nagy will be able to have the same positive impact on Trubisky that he had on Smith. However, Nagy will also have to help find some weapons for Trubisky in order for him to be successful.

Getting a high school degree is a very important first step towards having professional success. While it is a big accomplishment for any student, the City of Chicago is taking a strange approach to ensuring that their graduates are still focused on taking another step forward after the graduate from high school (

Starting with the graduating class of 2020, students who are in the Chicago Public School system and meet all of the academic requirements needed to graduate will also need to now meet another requirement. This requirement will require all students to show that they have a plan set forth after graduation. This new plan is called the Learn, Plan, Succeed initiative that the city is hoping will help to ensure that a high school graduate is taking the next step to succeed in some field or fashion after graduating.

In order to end up getting their degree and diploma, a student will have to prove to a counselor that they have a plan established. Some of the most common options will include going to college, joining the military, or getting a job. Some other options will include showing that a student has a plan to travel or work for a charity. Regardless of what the plan is, it must be concrete and can be proven to a counselor.

One of the biggest concerns that people have over the plan is that they district does not have the staff necessary to vet all of these plans. To help with this, the district says they plan on hiring up to 8 new counselors that will work for schools across the city. While that may help a little bit, the district as a whole is considered grossly understaffed and could potentially use these human resources in other areas of education.