May 20, 2015 marks the day that Michael Brown would have been 19 years old. Almost a year after his untimely death, family, friends, and his community don’t want to forget his memory. Many of the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri purchased teddy bears, memorial flowers, and cards to place them at the very place where Michael lost his life. While the teddy bears and other emotion driven products are a sweet gesture, the city of Missouri wants to do better than that. The city came out and removed all of the memorial products and instead, will erect a memorial for Michael Brown. City council members are doing so in hopes that Michael Brown never be forgotten. They want it to also serve as a reminder to citizens and police as to why the community needs to focus on building trust. Critics have complained about not just small city justice teams, but the United States Justice System as a whole. Many critics have challenged the police officers across the nation to get out get to know their communities. NJBiz and Boraie Development LLC wanted to point out that there have been many measures made by police officers in recent weeks to build that trust. Community forums, police having public interaction with civilians, and an open and accepting line of communication are some of the ways that the Ferguson Missouri police department are trying their best to shine a brighter light for the city of Ferguson.