September 1, 2016 · City Crimes, Fatal Shooting · (No comments)

Unrest continues to plague Milwaukee as protests over the recent fatal shooting of an armed black man by police turned violent. Protestors set fire to several businesses and police cars and some reports indicate that a local news reporter was knocked to the ground and assaulted. The mayor and high-ranking members of the police force asked the community to remain calm.

A man who represents the district on the city council where the violence and the shooting occurred stated that while he does not condone the violence, he understands the frustrations of the black community and their feelings toward the police community. He called for justice against the unnecessary shootings of black men while asking protestors to help restore order in the communities impacted by violent protests.

Many top-level officials insist that social media instigated the violence, instructing people to congregate in the area where the shooting took place. Gov. Scott Walker activated the National Guard in response to the unrest, but the mayor stated that the National Guard would not be deployed unless they were needed. The sheriff of Milwaukee County, David Clarke, requested that the governor activate the National Guard.

Several citizens showed up on their own accord following the violence to help clean the area, including sweeping broken glass and filling trash bags with debris that was left over from a BP gas station that burned down during the protests. Several citizens reported finding bullet casings and others removed countless bricks and rocks that were used during the protests.

According to reports, three people were arrested during the protests and one officer was injured after being hit with a brick. State and Federal officials are investigating the shooting and the officers involved in the shooting are currently on administrative leave.