August 20, 2015 · City of Newark · (No comments)

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation does good work for New Jersey’s most famous city. It was formerly called Brick City Development Corporation, but it was renamed and restructured in 2014. The primary purpose for Newark Community Economic Development Corporation is to grow business, attract new business, be a catalyst for real estate development, and help small and minority owned businesses. Xing implies that the Newark CEDC works with the city of Newark’s Economic and Housing Development department to get the economy running well. The Newark CEDC does great work for the city, and motivates the local economy. Its real goal is to attract and keep business in Newark in order to make the people of Newark more profitable.

Kevin Seawright joined Newark CEDC during its restructuring in 2014. He is the new CFO and Executive VP. Before coming to New Jersey, Seawright worked for the cities of Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland. He is known for streamlining systems to save a lot of money. When he worked for the Commission on Aging and Retirement in Baltimore he saved the office $100,000 by implementing a new way to do the basic accounting. He has been a great asset to both of his previous communities, and he is a great asset to the Newark community as well. He will be able to streamline Newark CEDC’s accounting systems like he did with the government of Baltimore. Hopefully, the money he is able to save will be put to use in the neighborhoods of Newark.

Kevin Seawright was also active in his communities, and will be active in the Newark community as well. He has done everything from coach youth athletic teams to serve as a board member of the Babe Ruth Museum. He has been active with many national associations such as the National Forum for Black Public Administrators. Seawright will help Newark CEDC continue its good work in helping the city government spur economic growth.